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Poetic and atmospheric all at once, beautiful game! Was amusing taking pictures of the characters while in the car - and also seeing other cars without a driver. Interested to see the new version you're developing now. You both should stop by our young Discord where we're building a game collective!

Take care

This is great! Love that you now get a weapon at the end of each level. Also a great touch that some weapons shoot a bit faster - feels way smoother. Looking forward to all the stuff you plan to include in the game. 

Definitely add me on Discord! rudeforblue#2731

Hi there! Really digging the game & aesthetics - here's a brief list of a few things I encountered while playing. Some are bugs, others suggestions, but thought putting them all in one post would be easier for you. 

Computer Specs
iMac 2013 - 1600x1200 Windowed - Medium Quality

Character Movement
- When the character moves in any direction, he seems to exhibit a consistent stutter, almost like a fast shaking. 

Gun Reload
- When I shoot a few rounds and then reload, the magazine sparks twice to indicate the character is reloading. However, it feels a bit like a glitch or delayed muzzle flash. Maybe a different animation would be better there? Just an idea! Thought it was a bug until i realized what was going on. 

- On the first level, the music doesn't start until my first bullet hits the first enemy. 
- By the second level, there's no music anymore, nor for levels 3,4 and so on. 

Water surrounding the island
- Not a bug and more a suggestion, but I think when the character falls into the water, he should either die, or receive a lot of damage to incentivize players to get out and keep fighting. As it is he seems to only get damaged when enemies are on the field? Might be wrong on that one. 

Ammo Indicator
- The game makes you think you start with let's say, a total of 48 Uzi bullets by indicating a 24/24. But in reality, a player can continue shooting and reloading forever (as I understand it). This is a bit confusing and might just make more sense to have a single number indicating how many bullets you have left, with the number going closer to a red hue as the bullets run out. Then maybe a blinking red number when you're down to between 3 and 1 bullets? Just another idea. 

Nuts & Bolts Indicator
Not sure what this does? I got to level 6 but didn't see a need for it? It's also not explained anywhere unless I missed something. 

Overall it feels really smooth and something people would want to spend some time trying to beat. Have you considered building the maps so that the structures themselves are more "in the way"? Maybe giving the player more hiding spots and/or forcing them to user the geography a bit more creatively?

Good luck and would love to chat more about it in Discord if you have that. 

Take care!