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Hi! I hope you have nice day :D 

I don't know why but cant download it on pc

DFALKGFIEGA I love this, it was well done

Happy New Year!!! 

CKJVBSFBDS The BGM is amaizing!!! I can imagine the fight between hero and villian(who is masked but in 2 minutes rhe mask fall. It's sibling or best friend of hero) The feel's HDIUHSKAHVJFI

Anyway have nice day/night and please remember to take care about yourself (this is for everyone who read this :D )

Thanky you <3 

Your game is soooo awesome, I spent all day after work just play this masterpiece :D But honestly i can't get that on cg the one after crying Penelope in here room, please helllp TT~TT


Anyways good job 🐱 I now changing my hair colour ☺️

Ps. Wrong day and month 😇

Congratulations for your wedding! You look stunning ✧◝(⁰▿⁰)◜✧

Hi 😊 I just ended a Z story and it's soooo amazing, I love how you make the story and character. It's worth playing ☺️ 

I just want say I was playing on Android and idk if it is just my phone but I think the words are a little small and sometimes it was hard to read when they were on the river, but I think your game is very good made.

So that is now all, when I play others story I will edit this post 😁 Ah and I wish you a amazing day/night❤️

I use xiaomi redmi note 9 and i from poland so yeah XD

1. When i skip to talk with Kaileen her apparence don't show

2. Idk if it is only for me but I have little difficult to press skip (must 2-5 press)

And i think it is all ftom my 1 play. I will comment if find new bugs etc. ^v^

 Story, characters, design and musić are  amizing.  It was worth download :D <3

I wish you nice day, health and creative to your work ^^

I love this but I can't get 2 endings T~T Seth best and Deviln good. 

It was easy for read,  music was good to, ahh ewrything was soo good.  I want so bad write what i love, what make my heart race. But even if i'm  know what i read i can't write in english ^^"

Have nice day and motivationa =^.^=

I just end Dietrich's Route and I was "HOW DARE YOU!!!" My brother look an me like I'm crazy ^^'  Evrything is beatifull and I want more. For now I know I will have a problem Dietrich or Alistair (Long hair <3). English is not my first language but it was nice and easy read text

I send you motivation and succes for end this vn ^^

I found your's game yesterday and play demo is my best time. I can't wait for full version ^^