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I thought this game was going to be horrible, full disclosure. This is one that I wanted to continue to play. It looks good for no reason, the style is simple and fun, and it is juuust enough of a shitpost to be funny but not annoying. 

Sooo, I managed to break this game in less than 2 minutes. The world outside of the roof was incredibly cool looking, and I was scared by audio more than visuals. I would recommend a setting allowing the sensitivity to be changed though. 

Legitimately enjoyed this game. It felt very reminiscent of old school Flash games I used to play on websites like Armor Games. Really felt nostalgic, and I would love to see more levels in this game. 

Genuinely disappointed that this game wasn't longer. I understand that the premise of the game makes it hard to make a longer game, but it actually looks, sounds, and plays really nicely. I've heard of some other works from Two Star Games too, so I will definitely be checking some out after this.

How many parts do you think this game will be?

I was very confused by the direction of this game, as well as the goal. The audio and visual style was phenomenal though. I think I might just be a bit dumb. 

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So I definitely thought this was just a horror game, but the horror comedy definitely was something that I could really enjoy. Also didn't realize that I've played other games by this developer! There were cool moments and mechanics in this game, but I will say the controls really threw me off initially, but after a while they were easy to get used to.

So I definitely did not think that this game was at all what it wound up being. I legitimately thought this was going to be a bit of an... adult type of game. I was expecting funny jokes, occasional goofs and nudity. I was completely mistaken, but this was well done and definitely had me feeling some sort of way. 

I've always loved SCPs, and was pretty excited to play a game about one. I will honestly probably look for more, but this was really well done, and despite not being 100% faithful, the choices made did enhance the game. 

I can't get a hold of the .EXE file is the issue. I try to install and it gives me no options. I'm using windows and 64 bit

I honestly thought that this game was going to be kind of a joke, and I was absolutely shocked to see how good this game actually looked. I was not expecting the game to be as good looking as it was, nor was I actually expecting to get scared by it.

I'll be honest, I'm kind of mad at myself for getting scared at this game. BUT! I would love to see this as a short horror game in a first person setting.I feel like that would be really cool to see. Plus the subtle and not so subtle changes throughout the runs was cool.

Tried to play this but couldn't install the game or get it to run. Have a fix?

I really enjoyed the art style of this game, and I actually went through and replayed it because the mechanic of getting sent back to mother had me very curious about whether or not there were multiple endings and more to the story. The undertones of the entire apartment were very dark and having the underlying story there without directly telling us, and having us read between the lines was a great choice in my opinion. 

I was asked to play this game, and in the time that I did, I found myself having more fun than I would've expected from a game of this style. It is very reminiscent of Altered Beast, which was an old arcade game that I used to play with my brother. The progression was well paced, and the enemies were interesting. This was a fun game to play!

Here's a full playlist!

I loved this game. I love raccoons, I love space, and it was so emotional. I absolutely adored playing this game. I did find a glitch or two though haha. 

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I loved the simplicity and design of this game, but that is not the point of this comment.

The great thing I want to mention about this game is the fact that I have never played a game like it. I have never played a game that frustrated me beyond belief, while also making me want to beat it. This game was legitimately addicting. Well done.

This game wasn't what I expected it to be, but after playing I realized that I know more about surviving on an island than I thought I did! I don't have much to offer in terms of reviewing it though, as it was fairly simple and straightforward. 

So I was not sure what to expect with this game.

Initially, I figured that with being trapped in an apartment, the story would focus more on kidnapping or even shadow monsters. I was very wrong. 
The music cues and changes were very well placed, and the sound effects were very unnerving. I'm unsure if I completely understood the story, but I think I got a decent understanding of it. Overall, this was a well made game!

I was definitely not aware of what the actual "bad guy" was until the end of this game. I didn't put it together for a lot longer than I would have liked to admit. However, the visuals in this game were very pleasing, and the story was very creepy. I haven't played many visual novel type of games, but I'll definitely look at others from this creator. 

I enjoyed this game! I like the style of choosing peoples fates. I think that it would have been nice to have some understanding of what exactly hurt or helped your hospital, but trying to figure it out based on my own observations was fun as well. There isn't much more to say about it though. Simple and sweet.

I know that it isn't winter or Christmas time anymore, but I played this game a while ago and have finally gotten around to uploading it. I will say that this game is pretty goofy and funny, and that I enjoy a lot of the characters lines. The only thing I had any issue with was that sometimes it felt like I would get stuck and couldn't figure out what to do. Maybe it was because I'm bad at games, but it was especially true with trying to figure out how to deal with Mrs. Claus. I think this was a nice, fun game. I'll likely look for more from the developer as well!

I don't know what you're thinking by saying not to expect a good game out of this. This type of humor is right up my alley, and I really enjoyed this. I started playing it thinking it was less than an hour long, but then I got sucked in and decided I wanted to play and beat the whole game. The humor is great, the story is goofy and unreasonable, and the enemies and characters are ridiculous, and I love it. This game is a legit shit post and it is fantastic because it plays well despite how goofy it is. I'm plugging my first video, and will be uploading episodes every two weeks, but I'll come back when the series is done and upload a full playlist. I love this game. 

I really enjoyed the concept of this game, and I've always enjoyed this type of concept. There were a few things that I think could have made it more fun, aside from adding more levels. I think having some background music could've been nice, and removing the time limit so we could think more about it would have been great too. Otherwise, the jokes you threw in were good, and the dilemmas that came with some of the choices were really good. I enjoyed this game!

I recorded this game a while back, and I’m thrilled to finally be uploading and reviewing it! 

 First off, I’d like to start by saying how much I love the art style in this game. These top down perspectives with character models and text overlays, with occasional frames that have unique designs added into them, is fantastic. As far as the characters go, I enjoyed them as much as I feel I could for a demo of the full game. Similarly, the fact that this is a demo is both thrilling and upsetting. I really, really enjoyed this game. The short start of a bigger story, the sounds and music, the little details that could be easy to miss, so much of what’s in this game makes me want to play more of it. That’s why I’m upset it’s just a demo. I really cannot wait for the full release of this, as I want to do a full playthrough of this entire game when it’s finished! This has been one of my favorite indie games that I've played to date. I adored this game.

I didn't realize what exactly I was getting into when I decided to play this game. The "wooden" voice acting was definitely one of my favorite parts of this game. I definitely think this game is a SHITpost of an indie game, but that's what makes it fun.

I'm really glad to see this game still getting played and reviewed!

I first want to start by saying that I adore the art style of this game. I mentioned how it was similar to the style of Mad Father, and I used to watch people play that game, and similar ones, all the time. It was very fun to experience a similar style game for myself. The mothers design is phenomenal as well, and the story is one that, while easily predictable and understandable, is still unnerving nonetheless.  I think the one thing that upset me about this game was how short it was. I would've enjoyed seeing more from it, but the story that was told feels like it would've continued to limit the ability to extend the game, and it wouldn't be as fun if it were super drawn out. 

Overall, this was one of my favorite indies that I have played, and I will definitely be looking at future games from the developers!

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There's not a whole lot to say about this game really. It was, short, well made, and pleasant. 

Personally, I think this is the kind of horror that I used to find on old flash game websites like Armor Games, but I was always too scared to play those. 

So this felt reminiscent of my childhood games, which was pleasant!

I played this a while ago, and it's been a bit between then and the time I'm actually uploading this, but this game has stuck out as one of the more memorable indie games I've played for a number of reasons.

First off, the art style of this game makes me so happy. The low poly retro feel that this game delivers is amazingly well done. 
Second, the story is fantastic in it own way. You are just confused and in the dark as the main character is for the most part, with the exception being the character knows a bit more about the world than you do, but that doesn't impact the ability to enjoy this games confusion.
Lastly, I WANT to say the length of this game is amazing for a short story told through an indie game, but I can't be certain as I managed to break the game twice with two different glitches, and had to replay the entire game to get back to the part I broke it at. (Both are in the video, but one is when you get the key, in which I walked off the cliff and fell out of the world, and the other happened when I walked behind the caution signs in front of a door and got stuck)

The only other thing I think worth mentioning about my experience is that this game did have SOME troubles with running on a relatively well optimized computer. It could have been the strain of trying to record the game, but there were some parts that had issues, but nothing that really affected gameplay, rather just a computer performance, but again that could've been my fault.

Overall, this game was incredibly fun to play, despite a few issues I had with it. Well done.

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I realize this game is from a while ago, but when I stumbled across it and saw the premise I just wanted to record it. I do think having multiple endings would've been cool, like you mentioned in the description, but I think there is something enticing about games where no matter what you do, the outcome will always be the same. The only thing that remotely bothered me about this was the lack of sounds, but that's not really super upsetting. Otherwise, this was a fun experience, despite being short! 

So I want to preface by saying I went into this expecting a horror game, so I was on edge a little bit. I got jump scared once, and then as the game went on and repeated, I kinda figured out that it didn't take itself too seriously. The game seemed built to be difficult and unclear, but I was able to beat it! 

I will say, if this was in fact satire, it was well done. The voice acting was pretty funny, and the monster getting stuck in places made me laugh. 

I don't have much more to say. I usually give critiques, but this game isn't built in a way that I think it would need it. Well done!

This game was  very interesting for me to play, but I do have a few comments about it that I feel were major in influencing my opinion. First of all, the atmosphere of the game was fantastic. The fact that everything was based around a steampunk looking machine really made me enjoy the setting, as I really love steampunk styles. I also really loved the sounds and the lore that we could see through the notes left around. However, the one thing I would say about this game is that it doesn't feel satisfying to finish. I feel like there is so much that could've been done to make this game have an amazing ending, or maybe make it a bit longer and feel more impactful, but otherwise I enjoyed the game, even though I struggled. 

I wasn't expecting what this game was, and it had some themes that were very intense, so play this game and watch videos at your own risk.

That being said, this game was incredibly built. The idea that the routine that we follow was being used to suppress memories was fantastically done through the use of repetition. The small differences with the character giving up on certain tasks every day also helped build to a sense of helplessness, while the items within the environment were able to help tell a story that didn't necessarily need to be told through the use of the atmosphere. Speaking of, the atmosphere was amazing. Being required to turn lights on and off added a sense of uneasiness that I wouldn't have expected from such a simple task, and this game really brought up some feelings on events in my own life that I never really talked about. I was caught so off guard by this game, and the ramblings of my own experiences at the end proved it. 
Very well done.

This game really caught me off guard if I'm being honest. I had no idea what I was getting myself into. I was expecting what I wound up playing. The narrative style was completely unique, and I didn't realize until I had made progress that I was actually the one making the choices about this girls past. The art style was super juxtaposed to the content that was in the game, and the sound effects were well placed and very effective. Overall, this was a very fun game, and while there are multiple endings, I only chose to find one. Well done!

Sorry I'm seeing this so late, I never received a notification for a comment! 
I'll definitely keep an eye out for CATACOMBIA, that sounds like an awesome experience!

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I'll definitely try to remember to keep an eye out for the next project!

I feel like there is a lot to say about this game. I think the first thing to start with is the premise, as it is a very interesting take on the final moments of life. Usually you'd think to find a game about life flashing before your eyes, but this is definitely different. 

I also think that the graphics and art style of this game are phenomenally well done. This game has an atmosphere that really works because of this art style. That being said, the designs can make navigation confusing, as everything looks so interesting, but making distinctions can be difficult, plus the game is just dark in general, so it was a bit confusing.

Lastly, I think the music and the sounds were incredibly crisp and pleasing to hear, even at intense moments. The ONLY problem I had with the sounds of this game was how much the volume of the sounds and music would suddenly vary, making it hard to find a good audio level to keep this game at, but otherwise the sounds were fantastic. 

Overall, this was a very fun experience! Well designed, amazing art, and awesome audio!

I was looking for a bunch of short indie games to play, and I saw this one show up, and I honestly did not think to look at the description or anything, as I arrogantly thought I knew what this game was about and didn't need to. I looked at one picture and the name and thought it would just be a house tour type of game, estimating the value of houses or something, so I downloaded it to play. 

Boy was I wrong.

This game did an amazing job of keeping secrets while simultaneously building up the hype to whatever sinister event took place within this home. Personally, the element of the supernatural that was introduced wasn't really my thing, but that did not hinder the creepy factor to this game. I was even forced to confront one of my biggest fears, and I got entirely freaked out by the end of this game.

This was an amazing game and such a fun experience, even if I wanted something calm and was given horror instead. Excellently made.

Please Answer Carefully is an interesting horror game that isn't done in the same way as most horror games. The type of horror it is is actually very interesting, but the medium really takes away some of the charm. Since you have to download the game and install it, you already know that it's just that, a game. However, if you left this "survey" up on someones screen without them having any knowledge about it whatsoever, then this would truly be a terrifying experience for that person. 

This game is very well made and is very interesting, and the only real issue I had with it was the loss of some of the effectiveness of the "creep" factor that came from it being a game, but there is still a great charm to this game, and a lot of potential to freak other people out.