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Good game! Fun mechanics and challenging. The queen's stun may be bit overpowered. The main downside is the AI's move evaluation during the later half of the game can quite easily get stuck in a loop. The worst possible scenario should be to evaluate a score for every single possible move and randomly pick between the highest scores - and not re-evaluate the same moves over and over.

I'm just a friendly save point who's trying to gift the player the fabled "dragon sword of 1000 cuts", although it appears that the management doesn't like it.

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Keeping everyone alive and happy is very difficult. But keeping everyone alive or happy is quite doable.

Edit: as Happytupe mentioned, love saves all. The key is to save the romantics for pairing with the anti-socials. All other traits are much easier to manage.

The art style looks amazing! That said, a gore slider/toggle would still make an excellent addition.

Love it! Excellent gameplay with simple controls. The trick is to not rush to the next sector and take your time to discover and efficiently  pick up mods and resources.

Tried to make a nuke style spell that filled all tiles, succeeded in wiping myself out as well. Next tried to make a spell that leaves rows of empty spaces for kiting, and succeeded in remaining alive until the end of the game. Well made and thanks for the fresh material!

Text-size in webgl doesn't seem to work for 4k display (even if the browser window is resized to only use half of the screen). Using zoom-in/zoom-out or putting browser in mobile emulation mode do not work either. Hopefully the issue gets fixed. Looking forward to playing this game.

Only played partially into the 2nd battle. Game looks great and the auto target selection is awesome.

There seems to be some strange problem with the game engine though - once you click anywhere outside of the game there seems to be no way to get the focus back onto the game UI. After that "space" only does "page down". This happened on Win 11 on both Firefox and Chrome.

Very nice game and innovative controls! Just the right amount of challenging.

Known issues:

  • Previous actions are kept after restarting a level, granting infinite actions on 1st turn of each level.
  • After passing level 1, "next level" button can be clicked on multiple times, allowing a player to skip levels.
  • Level 9 is unfinished? (Same as level 8 and cannot proceed further)

Great job! The game plays very intuitively, even without reading the description. Ending the game "early" when no units remain is also a nice touch.

A quick tweak I'd like to suggest is to allow lower level units to capture higher level units, it'll make the tactics more fair. The lower level units already can't move far, are ridiculously expensive late game, and has lower price-to-value as a pair at capturing land as a pair (for defense) compared to higher levels.

Also more work can be put on the AI to be more strategic at defending territory and units: not leaving entire sides open to enemy conquest or putting units into "danger" without other units "defending" them.

I second the save game request. A very fun base game and it deserves saving.

Men: Chief, enemy tribes are attacking from the Northwest AND from the Southeast!

Me: Let's take our belongings and escape to the Northeast, and try to establish a foothold there.

Men: But we can't take our buildings with us.

Me: Then let's burn them to the ground and leave nothing to our enemies!

Men: We can't do that either.

Me: ... (refreshes page)

The design is simple and effective, but as it is the game is not playable.

The current ideal offensive strategy is to select player 1, WAIT 4-6 rounds (depending on how far away the flags are), train 1 troop, and use the accumulated moves to go all the way to the other player's base, done.

This can be easily countered by the ideal defensive strategy: train 1 unit AT base, increase unit HP just enough to counter the offensive strategy.

Any movement that does not result in unit getting closer to the enemy flag (including on death) is wasted. Given the unit/hp price, movement cost is prohibitively expensive. A better design is possibly to make movement limited but free, and make existing units cost upkeep every turn. Thus 1 unit @ 6hp has more health, and 2 units @ 3 hp each can attack more but cost more upkeep.

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Simple tactics game that makes sense!

Needs different sprites for melee and ranged enemies - I lost to level 4 the first time around because I took a wild guess but killed the melee ones first, and became a target dummy for the ranged ones on the subsequent turns with nowhere to hide.

EDIT: Alternatively, perhaps hovering on enemy can show their move and attack range.

It's a great start!


  • Bug on level 2: defeating right-side enemy instantly wins level.
  • UI needs a little more help:
    • Dice should auto-roll when clicked instead of having to click another button down below.
    • AND/OR the chosen dice can use some form of indicator, such as a colored border. The result of the roll can also appear as overlay on top of the dice instead of at upper right corner, at which time you can also apply border effects on enemies to indicate it's time to attack.


Was hoping for causality between multiple timelines. Still, good concept and great execution. The drag-and-drop and scrolling UI is great, and great hover tooltips, though I personally didn't like the inefficiency of the UX. The same could be done and played much faster as a text-based puzzle much like any idle games out there. Didn't finish the game due to lack of patience.

I can do 1e23 hours of coding work in under a second using my custom-built quantum brain-computer bridge, and now you tell me to go take CS 101?

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Hasn't seen it happen again. Thanks for fixing!

Edit: Also, the balance tweaks are pretty good. Not as many golden weapon drops at earlier levels means no more just cruising through all levels with just any tier 2-3 units. Also noticed late 5-x and 6-x levels seem to now depend a little on the luck of AI (both us and them) positioning and targeting but not so much on initial positioning. Putting the entire team in a cluster and just letting them target randomly somehow works better than spreading units out to include preferred targets within attack range.

Had the same issue of not noticing the "door" opening and getting confused when I had 6/5 cheese and not knowing what to do.

Possible solutions here would be one or both of:

  • Not spawning any more cheese when requirement is met.
  • Put an arrow on the exit tile facing the direction of exit, or a staircase.

Also... you need to play test level 3: blast radius increase plus more bombs isn't too awful, but couple that with dying due to bomb blasting "your previous" location (meaning mouse is already dead whenever it passes the radius of a bomb that will explode 1 tick later) is just unfair.

Final boss is fun. My strategy was to keep running away and firing "double", "big", "bouncy" bullets at the wall. Funny adjectives.

@Ferociter Glad you made it over to! The puzzles are good but somehow the controls of this game feel not as good as in TotFS. The keys tend to have "minor but unpredictable delays" and directions/jumps are occasionally ignored, especially when the beams are traveling.

Yay, got the good ending!

One improvement could be pausing the game when the dialog is open - otherwise there's no time to read them when you are being chased and you're just forced to click through them.

Spoiler ahead:












Normal mode is easy once you find the right path. Hard mode takes a little bit of running.

I just realized even though I knew perfectly well how to spell perseverance, I've somehow started typing "per" "ser" "ver" "ance" now...

My sword was in you 4 times, and I got burnt 4 times! I know the 5th time will be different but you're too hard so I'm heading back to town to grab a beer instead!

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2 years later today, happened to me as well.

So the 2nd time around I refreshed the page, clicked on Quit first, and then on Game, and it worked!

Bug: wasn't able to build the space center even though I had $490k+ cash, and then game ended on $500k cash.

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Awesome commentary! The idea is beautiful, the implementation - specifically the duplication and the collisions of the maze with multiple copies of itself - is surprising and strange to say the least. I wonder if there's any way to set a lower recursion limit on Unity. (The engine must already had something in place or else the game would have crashed by design due to infinite recursion and even fork bombs in latter levels)

Happened again, funny how the inventory looks so alike.

The interesting thing with this game is: you can combine 2 different basic units. So there are 10 possible advanced units and 10 possible end-tier units. Suddenly the replayability went way up, but now the tutorial levels (1-X and 2-X levels) are a drag.

Great game and lots of fun!

Here's a bug with teleport to corner - 2nd AI unit gets stuck not knowing what to do:

Also please add a feature to let players skip the early 1-x and 2-x levels on replays - maybe start with some basic units and gears and some extra gold for shop refreshes.