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I mean, I tried it from multiple downloads, and it seemed like it just wasn't unzipping it right. Tried the same download with regular windows zip extractor, worked first try. I dunno what to make of it, but I guess all's well that ends well.

I'm sure this is effecting a grand total of three people, but if you extract the files using 7zip it breaks. The solution is to just use your PC's built in zip file extractor, so it's a solved issue, but I just wanna make sure anyone else having this problem knows to do this.

This looks really cool! This would make for a really cool Megaman X Command Mission remake!

I'm getting some Kirby and the Amazing Mirror vibes from this, and I love it!

This looks like a better Plague of Shadows. I will almost certainly be singing this game's praises! I'll be back when I finish it to give my thoughts!

My only complaints are that you forgot to make him say "Manya!" when he takes damage and didn't put in the flutter jump. You got the one when he dies, but not this one? Also, the whole game feels more like a Klonoa spinoff staring Golden Killer Guntz without the flutter jump

This is really cute! I hope to see either more of it, or more like it!

I played this before I even had an account here, and I loved it! I spent hours exploring and trying to figure out how everything worked, and, as a bonus, in that whole time I didn't find a single glitch! 10/10 from me!

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This looks really good! Can't wait for the finished game!

Edit- It doesn't start. Like, it's a white screen with no name.

That works fine for me, thanks for putting up with me


I have no clue what I'm doing. Sorry, I'm just not good with these sort of things.

Windows and yes

Definitely try the Wario Land series, all of them except the newest, gamecube, and oldest ones use transformations to solve puzzles too. I'd personally recommend Wario Land 4, but 2 and 3 are good too!

Could you perhaps add an option that skips or censors the NSFW stuff? This looks fun, but someone is always looking over my shoulder. If not, I understand. 

If I close the game, the saves don't, well, save. Am I doing some thing wrong?

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Yay! It worked! Thanks very much!

Thanks, I'll try it!

Fluid Zero is the cooler name here.

Just throwing that out here.

SlimeRPG community · Created a new topic about .rar

Can you release a .zip file for this, please? I'm not quite sure how to work a .rar