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uh oh I see bloody hands! Super exited!

i like him

so cute!!!! I like the characters

wahhhhh this is so cuteeeeeeeee!!! I hope it gets continued because Nial is just so...🥺

Aww I like it!

I'm dying- I love Avery pls he is so precious and baby definitely a very good game

oh my goodness...Pls I want him :(   Since this is a prologue is there a fully good ending?

AHH this is so cute!! The art style is great and the character is cool! I enjoyed this game

I'm happy now. Garret's route was great    this is an awesome game

OH my goodness, I love this game the art is great and both of the characters are interesting. However, though Master's end was a bit sad because he had to stay in the house forever it was still a good route and I enjoyed it. the Inspector's route was also good because he got to live outside of the home though he sadly had to hurt his creator. I did like that there were no 'Bad' endings just different endings. Great game!

ok but 😳

Yesss extended version!

sigh okay at least theres a chance 4 me 

would there possibly be any way to be spared but still be with them 🥺

b-but if evil....why pretty? :(


aw's so great!!! I cannot wait for it to come out!

Me want vivian

Aw...The true end is kinda cute   :(

Even before I knew Eric was crazy I thought he was cute 😭 a little disappointed but not surprised that he was crazy still think he's cute though

Aww this is so cute!! I cannot wait for Rye's route to be out!! One thing you might want to know though, not sure if this is a problem for everyone but Occasionally even after Sol exits the scene his face is still there it's kinda funny but I wanted to let you know just in case 

HOLY I didn't actually expect it to be so soon I was just checking in but WOW :O

I realize this is a demo now haha I was so confused

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WOW...I'm so glad I decided to click on this game. I loved this so much it's actually so much more interesting than I thought it would be, there was lots of amazing art and even better storylines! I loved all the characters (except Twyla but her design was cool)! I was truly starstruck by the true ending I would have never expected it. I hope I can continue to enjoy your games!!! I've already played one of them, 'Here for Sweethearts' and I see it features some of the characters. Thank you for making amazing games<3  (I'd also like to mention I think Crowven is one of my favorites in this game)

Well, for starters this is not what I expected. Based on the fact that I'm playing this and almost 3 am is probably why I was even more confused than I should've been, on another note I enjoyed this game and all the characters were very nice. Lots of plot twists I never would've expected. In the end, my favorites were Pizzaro and Perrio, the art was AMAZING the different art styles shocked me a bit at first but I eventually got used to it. The art at the end of the routes was amazing I can't help but fawn over each of them. The storyline was a bit chaotic but I still enjoyed it and I would recommend this game to other people for sure, it's definitely not what I expected

I've done two people and I don't know if I can do anymore Ryu has stolen my heart and interest and I don't know if I can continue :( I will try though I enjoyed playing very much and I hope more things like this come out in the future!!!!!!!!! I also hope you get the well-deserved attention for these wonderful games! Have a great day or night! And make sure you are taking proper care of yourself these kinds of games can be a lot of work, I may edit my comment in the future if I am still able to do the other routes haha.


I got the green orange and purple hearts...?

That's it. I'm gonna marry Jaxter

I joined the discord server because I know I wouldn't be able to live without this it's so amazing

I'll definitely play it when it comes out


Bone Appletea 😭😭

This game is hardd :C

I'm crying rn I forgot it was a demo so when it just stopped I was like "..." 

I love it omgggggggggggggggg >-<

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what is you try to remove it and the goose gets mad what then huh

btw I love it

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I am in LOVE with this game(and netina)<3 I hope there is more soon!