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ending really surprised me, i didn't expect to have the choice of joining up at all!

that's good to know but without any communication we all thought the game was abandoned.

I'm using windows 10

alright, one more question, is the wine emulator required to play it?

the game crashes whenever i beat an enemy.

will this be available in Newgrounds like Lust Doll+ ?

excuse me, but is the game dead?

I refuse to believe you made this alone and within 10 months, its so good!

nice. i'll definetely keep an eye on this one!

You had my interest when you said customizable character, but now you have my attention when you said Fallout Shelter!

P.S. will it take place in a vault? 

Will there be raids like in FS? 

And can we equip everyone and everything with BB guns?