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Best jam I've played! Fun, great music, creative and challenging puzzles-

A perfect jam! ^^

like, the only nitpick is that I accidentaly skipped a level, and it didn't say the name of the level I was in, so I had to look for the right one
But the only reason that happened was because I was engaged I couldn't notice what level I was in
So my nitpick is there because the game is so good :D

Really hope this is made into a longer game!!! super fun

ps- just remebered, was a bit hard because it was so small, even though it added charm I would have liked the option for a bigger screen. Beside that, fantastic game <3

Great game! Had a lot of fun :D

It's simple, straightforward, well made and just challenging enough to gain satisfaction from ^^

Hope to see it continue!

Cool game :) the controls are quite clunky, had a hard time navigating, couldn't do the wall climb almost at all and got stuck at the second power-up book

Very cute jam game overall ^^ would like to see it fully formed!

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very well done! Got even too challenging for me to finish at a certain point (short on time), but very very good concept and execution! ^^

Had lots of fun with this (best jams I've played so far, honestly :) )

Very cute and lovely game! Very cool idea, good music and great aesthetic! ^^

A couple of problems I had: I stopped at the 3rd level because of technical control and interface issues. You can't always see tiles you need to (a lava tile that will kill the water cube for example) and there is no consistancy in the rules of the game (earth cube falls into one water tile, but in another it doesn't)

I think basic rules and some explanations could help at the beginning
Also, making it slightly clearer what that water cube is a water cube and not earth or air (a bit more emphasis in the design would help)

It's a very good prototype and I really hope to see it later on more fleshed out! You are all clearly very talented! :)

Very cute! lovely music and concept :) (also the visuals are really nice)

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Really Cool concept! Nice designs too
I had trouble with the controls so I stopped mid-way, but I would love to revisit when it's developed further :) (can't wait to see a story attached to it)

cool and cute animation, great music riff for the background, the record effect is cool- well done! Took me a bit to figure out the Record action (pressing R for anyone stuck like I was) that make the robot move, really cool game! Enjoyed it ^^