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It should be much more obvious now with the indicators, although you can't start your 4 beats whenever you want now so it's become harder at the same time.

Great work! Looks like there was only a couple of us Flash Devs in this jam. How did you manage to set the container size for the Flash? I couldn't see anywhere to set that in the console or any documentation on it.

Thanks for the feedback! Hope to add some flashing to the spell beats (the blue indicators). How it works currently is you tap the pattern and then at the end of the 4 beats you will see what you tapped out. Dark blue is on beat, light blue is off beat. I'm not sure yet but there could be some issues with the audio sync with certain browsers. I did create a little calibration section but it wasn't ready for release.

Thanks for running the jam! I had a lot of fun although I wish I had more time. Looking for some people to help with the graphics and sound for the game so it can be even better. There is a lot more I would like to do gameplay wise down the track also.