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Why do the Gnorms attack using swords and I can't retaliate? I hate these things. The gameplay is nice, but the Gnorms... I don't want to play this. I can't play this.

I just figured that one out. I'll give you a hint: The character is pushable.

This is... not intuitive enough for me to complete. At least with the others I gave up while feeling like I could solve it, and I had fun. This is just not fun to me. Maybe this could've worked better if you hit a button to invert your character, and that would be how you interact with the standard-looking frogs. Not this undo stuff.

...Gosh darn it...

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I feel like this would be better if text cards always stacked onto each other. It wouldn't matter if they're different types (name, "is", property) or if it helps form a statement; You'd always be able to stack the cards.

I also feel like it would be nice if the rule cards had their own border colour; Maybe pink, like the "text" noun, while the current border for a value being changed becomes purple instead.