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If you're starting out brand new, or if you're setting out after having been in port for a while, probably just a random D10 for the starting weather value.

Good clarification to add; thanks for asking!

EDIT: Additional thoughts. Do any of these seem better choices?

The same rules would apply after the ship has been in port for more than a week (unless you want to keep tracking weather while in port). But the idea of landfall and port as something of a reset makes sense, and makes it a more significant event in that way.  Also, the weather over land follows different rules from at sea, so it makes sense not to use the sailing Wind/Weather rules while in port, and have a reset once you're out on the open seas once more.

- You could treat it like after a Stormfront, (use wind 4, Weather 5)  I'd be tempted to do that for any brand new start.

- You could generate new Wind and Weather numbers randomly. For each, roll 2d10 and average them (rounding up).  Carryover modifiers (to next roll) would apply, but adjustments to the starting numbers would be waived, and Tide does not apply while in Port.  So Wind results of 1, 2, 8-10 would have modifiers applied to the first new turn Weather.  But Weather results like "2  Drizzle/fog/light rain; -2 Wind, -1 to next wind roll" would only use the -1 to next roll.

I ran this at RFT Con last summer. Learned that it's possible to have a game where the players do all the dice rolling; GM adjudicates, adds detail, and asks the players to embellish. And it's hard for me to do that, but I (sorta) succeeded.

Need to get some folks together and take another swing at it.

(Posted belatedly - nudged to action by the MapCrow birthday challenge)

I've been delving into Stoicism in the last couple years, as well, so I'm very interested in seeing these.

You can help support this project as a playtester by running a test of sailing using the rules in On Weather. Do a journey of at least 4 weeks length and send us the log, and we'll list you as a playtester in the finished version.

Ship Combat

"These rules do not pretend to cover ship-to-ship combat. For an encounter leading to combat, another system will need to be used to resolve those events.

Or, each side roll d10, and then, for each ship then roll that number of crisis/catastrophe events. If that doesn't seem to indicate who the winner is, do it again."

Do you have some more information about Ships from TTV?  I thought I had seen something earlier, but the current version of it is just the one page, and I don't see anything there.  I'm thinking about something for City of Lamps that would be kind of a riff on that, and I think it could be helpful to see what you've done already.

Thanks, Tony! I am primarily a map maker here.  Recently did a map of a lunar base for Through the Void.  Portfolio of some work here: