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was a bit laggy and when i went close to the guy he didnt do any and walked off lol

cool game!

you're welcome I liked it a lot! I appreciate the the compliment :) and when I get the chance I may give new one a try for sure also no problem hope to see more people play it soon!

awesome game but id like to say that i got confuse more than a couple of times :D

cool game i enjoyed it but for some reason i muted the audio in my obs which i use to record and its just me talking with gameplay #fail lol

cool game and all but i hated it when my keys got inverted and when i started sliding all of a sudden otherwise i wouldve played it longer... :P

this was awesome especially the tunnel ending :D

this was such a cool game im suprised not many have made a gameplay from what im seeing :D

i cant believe how it ended i was a bit disappointed... lol

awesome game :D

i thought this was called imposter :D

hope you enjoy :D

hope you enjoy :D

it felt like i was in a dream or some sort :D

it was a cool game keep it up :D

hey there elior! Thanks for replying but alright sounds good to me I'll definitely check it out once the other content of your game comes out if I remember :D

the game was good i wish there was more to it though keep it up! :D

at one point i got confused so i ended the gameplay before the game was finished lol

the game w as kind of hard lol

the creature was crazy lol

that's awesome man keep up the good work :D

lol that would be somewhat helpful but either way it was fun :D

i got stuck at one part of the game and didnt know where to go  from there if you decide to watch the video youll see where i got stuck at... lol

the game was good but i was wondering how did you come up with the name nosferatu? xD

pretty cool game hope to see more like this soon :D

glad i played rhis before you made it buyable :D

pretty cool :D

anytime and yeah it was good :D

it was a weird cool game :D

the hand movements really irritated me... :D

was a really weird game :D

i thought the title of the game was called behereit with an e lol whoops

i wih there we=as more than just  collecting coins but it was still fun :D

dora is insane... :D

no problem :)

very short  game but it was fun :D

it was like i was in a dream or something like that :D

couldnt find a key :P