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Pretty fun game you got here! At first I was like wait what is going on here? Then after a few tries and then even a few more tries I kind of got the hang of it. After all that jazz, I kept on going until I stopped just in case I started to rage and yeah. Keep it up though. :D Here's my game play if you would like to check it out thanks and have a good day/night! :)

Awesome game I had fun playing it! I wish there was a way to save it but when I tried to it would just make the game into a smaller window? Anyways here's my game play if you're interested in watching. :)

Hi I made a game play and it was fun and difficult I was able to kind get the hang of it but then I stopped before it got worse well before I raged. Anyways, it was fun while it lasted! :D 

well if u make any more games maybe make them more interactable if u get wat im saying :D

i didnt know where to go after i found the key i checked all the doors and none of them would open?


nothing much to do but mainly look around and listen to wat is happening and when the lights turn off it seems like that is the end of the game so ya i guess it was alright not really a game but kind of idk how to explain it

hi so i encountered a same problem i had with another game from another creator here on the first problem i encountered in the first game from the other creator was spinning around and the second problem i encountered from ur game was the character wanting to go back even after not pressing any keys i even restarted both the other creatores game and urs and nothing fixed either of the two problems i was getting i think it could just be on my side too i dont know why because ive never encountered any problems like this before while recording games but tonight was different

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when the game starts it just spins for me and i even restarted the game while recording and it still spun around any reason for this to happen? have others mentioned a similar bug?

it loads only to a black screen with music in the background nice

pretty nice game but maybe add a flashlight or make the light last longer cause it was pretty challenging if u ask me lol

pretty weird interesting disturbing game :D

not bad maybe add some checkpoints? :)

well the monster still got me from a little far away even without my flashlight turned on lol

really hard to get away from her so i just stopped within a couple of minutes of playing lol
Rotten Blood communityCreated a new topic Rotten Blood

maybe add a sprinting option to escape the monster cause without it its impossible ty

Wasted Glory

got a little too creepy for me but mostly confusing at the end but still a cool game :) 

cool game!

cool game!

cool game until those aliens appeared lol

i wish there was a saving or check point option but it seems u have to start from the very beginning every time u die please make one xD otherwise fun game!

wish it was a longer demo but it was still pretty fun hope u get all the support u need to make it a full game :D

for some reasont he key in the bathroom would only show pick up key like once or twice and i missed it both times because the game window is small by default and i couldnt see the text that much since i was looking for it but please dont make the game windows so small... lol

have no clue wat the ending was all about and then after it just closed by itself

ya all of a sudden a monster came out of no where and i closed the game xD

Imperial Motel Gameplay

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Hollow Cries Gameplay

Do It For Me with Mr. Positive Positivity

Good game. Can't wait to see what you come up with next!
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Was a short game and had a ending I didn't want it to end on but it was alright, hopefully you make your games longer in the future and maybe with more to do? :D

thanks man and ya it definitely was lol

At 2:33-2:34ish you should definitely watch because i had my volume kind of high and it scared the shit out of me from that first jump scare Michael did. XD

i couldnt get the combination to continue the game sadly, otherwise pretty nice game!

awesome when will it be released?