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got a little too creepy for me but mostly confusing at the end but still a cool game :) 

cool game!

cool game!

cool game until those aliens appeared lol

i wish there was a saving or check point option but it seems u have to start from the very beginning every time u die please make one xD otherwise fun game!

wish it was a longer demo but it was still pretty fun hope u get all the support u need to make it a full game :D

for some reasont he key in the bathroom would only show pick up key like once or twice and i missed it both times because the game window is small by default and i couldnt see the text that much since i was looking for it but please dont make the game windows so small... lol

np good luck!

have no clue wat the ending was all about and then after it just closed by itself

wish the game was longer, the ending was kind of boring! u should make more of this game or maybe a second one?

ya all of a sudden a monster came out of no where and i closed the game xD

Imperial Motel Gameplay

TUBE Gameplay

Hollow Cries Gameplay

Do It For Me with Mr. Positive Positivity

Good game. Can't wait to see what you come up with next!
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Was a short game and had a ending I didn't want it to end on but it was alright, hopefully you make your games longer in the future and maybe with more to do? :D

thanks man and ya it definitely was lol

At 2:33-2:34ish you should definitely watch because i had my volume kind of high and it scared the shit out of me from that first jump scare Michael did. XD

i couldnt get the combination to continue the game sadly, otherwise pretty nice game!

awesome when will it be released?

it was cool but i wish it was a little bit easier to control the character lol

i loved the game i especially loved the ending part

was a fun game to play but all i recommend is to make it a little more brighter since its kind of hard to see

it was a cool game i enjoyed it will you be making more later on?

was a bit laggy and when i went close to the guy he didnt do any and walked off lol

cool game!

you're welcome I liked it a lot! I appreciate the the compliment :) and when I get the chance I may give new one a try for sure also no problem hope to see more people play it soon!

awesome game but id like to say that i got confuse more than a couple of times :D

cool game i enjoyed it but for some reason i muted the audio in my obs which i use to record and its just me talking with gameplay #fail lol

cool game and all but i hated it when my keys got inverted and when i started sliding all of a sudden otherwise i wouldve played it longer... :P

this was awesome especially the tunnel ending :D

this was such a cool game im suprised not many have made a gameplay from what im seeing :D

i cant believe how it ended i was a bit disappointed... lol

awesome game :D

i thought this was called imposter :D

hope you enjoy :D

hope you enjoy :D

it felt like i was in a dream or some sort :D

it was a cool game keep it up :D

hey there elior! Thanks for replying but alright sounds good to me I'll definitely check it out once the other content of your game comes out if I remember :D