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There is a github issue about this, I'll provide a MRP as they say :)

I reuploaded the web version in debug mode, it behaves correctly.

The problem was also reproducible on the binaries which were done in release mode, I republished them in debug mode. I have no idea why the physics is done differently between release/debug.

I temporarily removed the web version because the physics was behaving incorrectly. I'm investigating about the issue.

As for myself, I would be interested in a French translation but I may not be representative of the audience.

Are there any plan to do translations?

This game truly seems awesome, but I'm afraid it would be too tedious for people who are not fluent in English. That would be nice if translations would exist :-)

Thank you for the update!

Thank you very much!

The game is tagged Open Source but I can't find them. Where can I get the sources?

Awesome news !

The game is opensource and you can compile it from sources to have the html files to play. The instructions for doing so are not clear but it works.