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when you hace two that are powered and in range of each other, items that are put into one are shot to the other, then you take the items out

I started playing at 2.0, and the game has come a long way! Learning how everything works in 4.0 took a bit of time, but I really enjoy the new features. Being able to produce your own enemies is so fun. I also enjoy the mass driver, it's so stupid and cool at the same time. The amount of content you have added is amazing, how much new stuff did you have to code? It feels like almost a complete revamp, but I prefer it over the older versions. Can't wait for more updates! 

Amazing update! The new AI is great but on some maps like maze you can put  blocks near one or two enemies and they will stay away from the blocks allowing you to spend as much time as you want on a round.

Is the next update taking a while because it's going to be a major update or are you working on other projects?

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Im still learning about compileing java programs but i did make some custom maps and i found the save with 2 million of every resource. 

(here's my map it dosn't look that good yet)

hey... were is turret health and damage located? I'm trying to mod mindustry but all ive done so far is made titanium have a shiner looking sprite. (but you probably dont want me to know how to hack your game)


blocks that are selected, it's just a bit annoying to press R three times to rotate counter-clockwise once.

maybe something you could quickly do?  use 2 keys like Q and E to rotate items counter-clockwise and clockwise?

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I absolutely love this game! It's great until higher waves(60 or so). Then enemies can just one shot the strongest buildings. I would love if you added another resource, stronger walls, more damaging guns, better heal guns or something like that so we can get to higher waves. Another suggestion is resource sorting(a way to only take one resource of a conveyor belt).