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Reported for virus. 

Reupload? Stolen? I'm not sure. Curators by Killerbob117 (

I'm looking forward to this and Legend 64.


My farts smell better than yours.


Most people these days can't last through a simple playthrough without a bunch of memes cluttering the screen to occupy their baby brains.

It ain't about the graphics. It's about the game.

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Didn't have handheld cameras like that in 1983 but ok.

It's supposed to be PSX quality. 

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Could you throw in some 90's CGI cutscenes in there? That would be cool.

Good boy, girl, other, or none.



No pics, no clicks.

Why do I have Lego hands?

Drums don't playback correctly sometimes.

Why is the first person camera spinning around on it's own? Kind of annoying.

Ok. I just played Tetris CD-i yesterday. Life changing experience. Can't wait to try this.

I got Sandtrix and Setris. I don't know where I got Setris from.

Love this.

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You gave it a 9 for visuals? I would give it a 10. 

Yeah it ran like garbage for me too. I refunded it as soon as I exited the game.

Where are your other games?!

Not all horror games have to have a monster chase you 24/7. 

I hope there's no cp in this.

Get a job then.

The puzzles were quite difficult but I enjoyed the experience a lot. I hope you make more of these.


I agree.

Why did you make the character move so slow?

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No, it's 110/100.

Ooga booga.

I'm really enjoying your game so far. I hope you make more horror games :)

Did you make these assets yourself?

I'd rather have this be a first person experience tbh.

Why 16GB of ram? Bruh.

Not a man of culture I see. 

Why is it private

Why are the controls weird?