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It just doesn't not work...

I suggest that you add a feature so we can reset our progress, such as resetting our Unlocks, if i start a new world I do not really want to have all of my unlocks.

Feel free to suggest anything, but be sure to check Trello to make sure you're not suggesting something that is already being worked on or was taken into consideration already. Also make sure to check Trello to see if I took your suggestion. I will fully credit everyone that gives a suggestion.

Literally I could not do anything, buttons would not work, at all....

Hmmm.. it was good, but was way too short. I had hoped it'd take 30 minutes to play... nope. easy to figure out, but that was a good feature, just add more to Episode 2.

Yeah i downloaded multiple versions and all crash even if i run them by the terminal

HTML crashes after 1996 for me. Download crashes(immediately, no gameplay) on Mac.

Hmm odd, i will investigate it further. Also i am not sure if the mac download works.

around December 1996

a loan? no but i think it crashes after a certain amount of years and along with CPUs

Well i reproduced the crash somehow and no it was a new game.

I know im spamming but I was playing and i got yet another crash, this time i was on easy mode and i was making tons of CPUS, each with names similar to intels.

Oh the "History" section is not correct, it has false data and doesn't contain all of the CPUS I have put into it. I am not hating on the game, jus ttrying to help.

I think i found the reason for the crash. I was on V. Hard and for some reason my popularity would not increase at all no matter what, it stayed at 4.47%. Then my money started to drain and I had to get loans and then the loans were about 800K and i had to pay 20K a month. Then the game crashed

Ah okay, any hints to what will come in the next update? will it be 2.7 or 3.0?

Also will there be an ETA on the next update? if not when do you expect v2.7 or even v3.0?

I had about 14 CPUS, each had unique names though but all had ascii characters like, abcdefg...

I had that off, i believe it may have been a table problem.

Whilst playing around the year 1996 the game must have had some memory error. It completely crashed and crashed my browser. I know it was the game because first the game crashed then the tab crashed and then the whole browser crashed.  I am using a MacBook with 8gb of RAM and I know it was not the computers fault. I use Google Chrome.. it wasn't that bad but just saying that it had crashed.