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Just a joke, to express the feeling that this game was the only thing i was waiting for since I was born ;-)

This game saved my life ! Thx mate !

Enjoy !

Hey thx dude ! as usual you are always there for the ProcJam ;)

U rule !

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Oh thx mate ! 

Glad to see you enjoyed this one, even if we did not spend a lot of time on it ^^

Regards from the RPH Studio team !

Thx mate ! As usual you are here for the procjam ! 

In RPH Studio, we are currently experimenting the PhaseJS game engine so we will be able to deploy some games for standalone desktop, web and mobile-web platforms.

To be continued ^^

Thx again, take care and see u soon !

Thx mate ! Hope you enjoyed your meal !

Don't forget to practice  sport daily ^^.

Played this game ! Found it so cool , like the good old games by lucas art I played when young.

I contacted you on linked in : please answer ;-)

I'd really like to talk about games with you. See you soon and GG for your work ^^

Oh yeah you're right !

Didn't know this game : I must admit Cosmoteer is far far more beautiful ^^

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Hello. Sorry we missed your post.

No it was not planned to use it in any kind of game ! We were just experiencing a procedural Generation code library of our own and decided to choose the topic "space ship" as a lib test ^^

We were a little bit too lazy and just performed this sample in one evening but we initially planned to add more fetaures such as populating rooms with objects (such as furnitures, ship control boards, beds, ...) and also turrets but we did not reach to get some free time for it .... next time may be ^^

See you soon !

Thx mate ! We had a look at it ! We are happy to be part of it !

Thank you so much ! We will go on improving the gameplay and gfx in the future !