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RPGownia Zupskiego

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Same in steam version

Hi, when launching the game on Widows I'm getting an empty screen. The game cursor is there, but the game seems like it can't load itself properly.

Thanks! Hope these ideas can be of some use for you and your table. 

I don't have a clear roadmap for this. It started with just a simple idea for one D20 table of curses, but the ideas kept coming after that.

I might be adding more tables to this project while the OSR June Jam is still running and then create a 1.0 version near the end of the month :)

Absolutely necessary!

Thanks! It's available here for anyone looking in the future :)

Hi! I've prepared a Polish translation of the rules, is it ok to share it publicly?

Hi, no worries, thanks for the response!

I think my audience will love this game.
My channels name is MrZupsky, and it's a small Polish channel.

Thank you!

Thank you!

Hi, I would like to cover this game on my channel, are you ok with let's plays and monetizing the videos of your games on YouTube?

Hi, are you ok with let's plays and monetizing them on youtube?

Hi, are you ok with people let's playing the game and monetizing the videos on YouTube? I'm really interesting in covering this game on my channel.