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Thanks, we appreciate it! Hopefully there will be an update in the near future.

Thanks for playing and commenting. Sadly there is no guide that I know of. Maybe you could be the one to make it!

The Orange Room has a solution, though it not completely obvious. Feel free to check the project file ;-)

Thanks, we really appreciate it! :o)

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This should have been fixed in the updated build. Thank you for reporting it and tell me if there are any further issues! You should be able to drag your save files into the newer build and continue from there.

I am glad you figured it out! Also, if you would like to see further content, you can drag your save into the new download to continue playing past a few parts.

This bug has been fixed. You can upload your save into the new upload and you should be able to continue if you'd like. Thanks again for playing!

Some of these things are intended. The bathroom person thing should be fixed now. You can just drop your save into the new folder. Thank you for reporting these bugs and playing the game!

Thanks for the post! I will be posting an update fixing some bugs that have been reported by others, maybe sometime tonight or tomorrow.

You should be able to finish the Masked Man section the way the game is now if you have all the items, but I will take another look into it, just in case. Some of the side quests have very convoluted ways of beating them, or have no "ending" at all.

Also, from what it sounds like, you still have a bit to discover! Thank you for playing!

I am working on a solution to this and a few other bugs at the moment. I will post a message after it is patched, and you should be able to just slot your save file into the new project and progress from there.

Thank you for reporting it, and thanks for playing!