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Thanks so much for the super quick reply!

I guess I have no choice then...
It's gonna take a while to buy and download everything I want, but being able to make a bunch of maps afterwards with your gorgeous tiles is gonna be my reward! ✦.✦

Anyway! Thanks again!

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Hello, Seliel! Thank you so much for making such awesome tilesets!

I have a question for you. I wanna take advantage of your winter sale to buy a bunch of your tilesets (3 bundles + 12 tilesets). Is there a way to make a custom bundle, here, on itch io or do I have to buy every bundle & tileset separately? I hope you'll be able to answer this before the winter sale ends.

Thanks a lot for your time and have a great day! ^.^

Correct me if Im wrong, but we can only chose the eggs that cost 100bits when we start playing, right? Hiding the eggs that cost more could solve this problem. I mean, whats the point in adding those eggs to the selection if we cant even choose them? T_T

Illo! I downloaded your game on my phone just now and when I reached the point where I had to choose an egg, I chose the "Goldenrod Saints" egg and I got this weird error message then the game shut down... 😭

I found this on fontforge several weeks ago:

It has the characters you're searching for. :)

No problem. :D
And yes! I'll be looking forward to seeing them. ✦.✦

Youre welcome! :D

If theres a new version, then yes, I will download it today and Ill give it a try. Thanks for letting me know.

For the parts request, I understand. Just the fact that youre taking requests is very appreciated. Not everyone is willing to do that.
Ill write a short list of ideas that I have:

-Buddha ears
-Mermaid ears

-Dancer's long skirt*
-Knot crop top*

And... thats all I can think of right now. For the clothes, I wasnt sure how to call the first three ideas, so just in case, here are some pictures to show you what Im talking about:

^Thats the picture for the "Dancer's long skirt". A long skirt, the golden belt and the long, blue strap.

^This is an example of the "Knot crop top" that I have in mind. A piece of clothing tied in the middle with a knot.

^For the tuxedo part, a "normal" tuxedo would be nice, but if possible, a tuxedo where you can see the sprite's bare chest would be perfect! Oh and the pants in the picture above are a good example of what "Trousers" are. Finally, if you could add a way to to change only the folded parts on both sides of the jacket, that would be awesome!

Sorry for the wall of text and thanks a bunch! :D

Yes, I was trying it out yesterday and its really well made! ✦.✦

Thank you sooo much for making such an awesome program!

Its perfectly fine if you cant translate the articles on the support site. The translator add-on that Im using is doing its job just fine.

Lastly, I do have one question. Would it be possible to request some parts?

Oh, I see! That's good to know! ✦.✦
If it's already been translated in english, then I'm gonna go buy it right away!
For the online documentation, I'll use a translator to translate it into english.

I am interested in the support site version, but first, I would like to know if you have any plans on making an english version of the support site version or at least a text file to let us know how to use it? Thanks a bunch! :D

Thanks for the quick reply! No need to worry, I was already planning on sharing a link for this page.

I bought this tileset earlier today and I'm really loving it so far!

I made some maps that I'm planning on using in my fan game. Can I upload some on those maps on a forum to show them to other people?

Oooh! That's perfect then! ✦.✦
Thank you so much for answering my question! I'll contact you again when your commissions will be open. I can't wait!

Thanks for the quick reply! I already have my own ideas on how to make original versions of those sprites. For the prices, I see that they're a bit high, but I would still be able to pay for at least one or two small monsters per month. I do have one question about the small monsters though. I hope that asking here isn't a problem. On your price board or whatever it's called, It's only written "Small Monster (32 x 32)". How many frames are included? Only one frame? Or is it like a whole spritesheet with different actions and animations?

Hello! I stumbled upon this monster pack of yours while I was searching for tilesets for my game project. I'm planning on making a fan game of the Mana series and your tiles are EXACTLY what I need. I also saw that you're accepting commissions. I would like to know(for future reference), if you would be willing to draw monsters from the Mana series?

I bought this pack and 2 others and I wanted to say that, compared to the sample maps on the side of this page, the full sized tiles are even prettier! ✦.✦
I'll buy more packs with my next paycheck, thats for sure! Thanks again!

Alrighty, thanks! I'm gonna buy it right away then! ✦.✦

Very beautiful tiles! It's exactly what I need, but I have one last question before I buy this pack:
I know that this pack includes rock walls, but do you think that those rock walls could also be used to make the interior of a house?

You have soooo many awesome tileset packs, but sadly, I don't have a lot of money at the moment, so I'm trying to figure out which packs to buy first. 

Nice! Thanks a bunch! ✦.✦
Keep up the good work!

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Awesome tiles, as always! ✦.✦
I'm thinking of buying this pack, but before I do, I want to ask you a question:
Does this pack have snow covered trees? If it doesn't, do you have another pack that contains snow covered trees?

Youre welcome! ^.^

Beautifully done! And it's free to boot! But of course, I will be donating some money to support you and to thank you for this!
Youve been releasing great plugins so far. Keep up the good work! ✦.✦

Oh my gosh, nice! I cant wait to see and buy it! ✦.✦
Keep up the good work! :D

Another awesome plugin! ✦.✦
May I ask if you have any plans to make a ring menu plugin?
A few plugins exist for MV but I haven't seen a single one for MZ yet. T_T
In case you're wondering what a "Ring Menu" is, look at this video(Start watching at 48secs):

Im currently making a Mana fan game, so a ring menu is something I would really love to have!

Anyway! Thanks as always for making all these neat plugins! :D

Youre welcome! :D
Im glad to hear that! Ill let you know if I find anything.

I see. Well, your plugin is gonna be pretty useful, thats for sure! ✦.✦
Im currently using Caethyril's on use effect plugin but that plugin comes with a subskill feature and Im already using VS's skill container plugin, which does pretty much the same thing. This might cause some incompatibility problems, so I was hoping that someone would make a plugin like Caethyril's but without the subskill feature. So yeah, thanks a bunch for making this plugin! Keep up the good work! :D

Awesome plugin! ✦.✦
Did you think of doing this plugin after helping Kagemaru with his "Target one ally but not actor 1 & 2" problem on rpgmakerweb? Haha

Im already using your bestiary plugin, and I really love it so far! Ill buy this one in a few days. I bet I could make some pretty neat stuff with this!

Thank you too! Ill be looking forward to seeing that new tileset! :D

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Youre welcome! :D
And thats great! ✦.✦ I really appreciate that youre asking us about what we need. Not many artists are willing to do that nowadays.

To answer your question, tilesets for a fantasy world would be what I need. Thanks a bunch! I cant wait to see the awesome tileset that youre gonna make! I bet its gonna help a LOT of game devs!

Oh my gosh! I love your tileset packs soooo much! I dont have a lot of money atm, but as I can spend more, Ill buy the majority of your tileset packs, trust me! ✦.✦

I have one question though. Do you have any plans to make a ruined/destroyed tileset? By that I mean destroyed walls, roofs with holes and other stuff like that. All the tiles that I found on the internet look sooo unnatural. -_-

They cant be automatically updated, thats true, but you can manually update the bundle every time you release a new asset pack, right? Take Visustella's plugin bundle collection for exemple. You pay 100$ and you get every single rmmz plugin that they made and that theyre gonna make in the future without paying an extra penny. Anyway! Whatever you choose to do, Ill still buy your packs coz theyre freakin awesome! Keep up the good work! ^.^

I would love to see an MZ version for this pack as well! Lets cross our fingers and hope they make one! :D

Try pressing once on "buy all for 349.99" and then scroll down the list. Youll see your answer at the bottom of the list.

Yes! Yes! Yes!!! Ive been searching for doors like these for a while! Thank you sooooo much!!! :D


Thanks for the quick reply! I see... Thats exactly what I feared. Ill give RK DracoRoy's solution a try. I hope itll fix my problem. Thanks again!

I took a look at the console log again and I turned off the plugin that appeared several times, in other words, I disabled the SkillStatesCore plugin and the plugins that needed the SkillStatesCore plugin to function(the SkillCooldowns plugin and the VisualStateEffects plugin). When I did that and I tested the game, the error message didnt appear. I hope this helps somehow.


First of all, I would like to say that I really LOVE the way you rearranged everything in the updated version! ✦.✦
Now to answer your question, unfortunately yes, I do get an error message but this time, its when I open the menu screen after my characters have leveled up. I can open the menu screen just fine before my characters gain a level though. I tried moving your plugins around in my list of plugins, but that didnt work. I also tried turning off your plugins. When I did that and I tested the game, the error message didnt appear after I leveled up my characters. When I looked at the console log, your plugin wasnt listed there, so I hope its not a compatibility issue that can only be solved on VisuStellas side... :(

Anyway! The error that appears on the screen is the following:
Uncaught TypeError: Failed to execute
'createLinearGradient' on 'CanvasRenderingContext2D':
The provided double value is non-finite.

And heres the screenshot for the console log:

Sorry for bothering you again. I finally had a chance to try your plugin, but I encountered an error. :(
Every time an actor levels up, this message appears:

Cannot Read property 'Replace' of undefined

and this is the message that appears on the console: