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Another one. Sorry about this.

dreams? always good

Looks pawsome! :3

it’s ok! i’m sure you didn’t! I’m personally not offended, just something to keep in mind! feel free to change it / ask others for feedback. thank you for responding and apologising though. your welcome for the feedback! take care!

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small bit of feedback: maybe an somewhat ableist term isn’t the best thing 

to put in the title of your game? or you could lower the saturation of the 

side of the game page or slow down the animation in your user profile/sin 

of truth game page a tad, it’s a bit of a strain on the eyes? feel free to 

tell me if I’m wrong / you’re disabled, reclaiming words / you disagree. (I 

have autism, personally not prone to seizures or slurs like others, but can

 be overwhelmed / be verbally verbose / stim / have big interests).

I’ve looked at your page and your stuff seems really interesting!

Heads up. Someone made a fake game page of your game. I’ve reported it and I suggest you do so too. Sorry this has happened.

Hey there, heads up guys. Someone has made a fake game page/download of your game. in the midnightt lightt by kshoramouniri ( It is possibly related to the recent discord scams. I am sorry this has happened, it always frustrates me when this happens to devs. I suggest you and your followers mass report it. You can also file a DMCA if necessary. Take care now.  


Not sure if it's just me, but the chase music sounds similar to the running footsteps of Zachary. If so, that's a clever touch.

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Trans and wlw rights! :3

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haha i saw the witch's house reference in the newspaper :)

also, empty like my soul xD

i like wearing cute dress, and the music, and save kitty :3

Kanye West - All of the Lights low quality - YouTube

had to glitch through the no passability statue on the map in the final puzzle to make it easier, tricky timing xD

i'm stuck on the statue lock combination puzzle

Yes, unfortunately.

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Omg you’re the creator of this masterpiece???!!!!! (I saw Hawk’s vod)

I knew I recognised it, lame move from the dev.

When I run the Windows version it says "Failed to initialize graphics".

The number I picked was 30.

1. Blue (I like dark blues)

2. Cake/Steak (I like both)

3. Classic/Classical 

4.  Hope (my name, similar to Joy, Grace and Charity)

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You're right about the lag. I find tapping the arrow keys or using the mouse works best.  Once that one ice segment is over, the speed returns to normal. As for a bug fix, the dev could consult the RPG Maker forums. 

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Same, I thought the whinny was a little loud/repetitive. It's a cool idea for an enemy though and I generally enjoyed my time with the game. I still only have one ending. perhaps I'll try and get the other.

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Same. I couldn't figure it out. Not very intuitive. I tried looking at the reflections a few times but nothing happened so obviously I was doing something wrong. I ended up buying multiple health items, running through them, dying a few times. (Sometimes they walk over the mirror's hitbox, not sure if that's a glitch). One time I got lucky and managed to escape. If you try and go back they're still there. Reminded me of Pocket Mirror's mirror maze, which despite how frustrating it was, you had an idea of where to go and do for the most part. I'm just glad it wasn't a huge map.

I agree with you about the chase scenes and the layering issues. Although I do like the different monster designs, that horse was creepy. Also a really nice tile set. I played a similar game a while back that used similar graphics tiles, I have a screenshot if you're interested (I don't think it was ever finished). Also that broken giraffe sprite in the main park though, poor thing. :(

At first I thought it was a hatch you had to blow up and escape through! xD

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Spoilers ahead

It feels a little too easy to bump into stuff, it feels like there's not enough room to escape the monster chasing you unless you're really accurate, though I appreciate the ability to run and close doors. Maybe add checkpoints in any future release?

I did feel scared though. Like in Amnesia, especially hiding in closet.

Edit: On my second playthrough today I got to collecting the chemicals and water (I like how they just appear lol). The monster got stuck in running animation which was helpful and also clipped through wardrobe and walls (they have an annoying  growling sound!) Also the game freezes momentarily sometimes upon touching the monster.

The ending twist was sad, but at least you "cured" the son. It reminds me of the game Notes of Obsession. Also I liked the low res graphics.

Thank you again for translating this game. I enjoyed it very much.

Two very minor things:

When entering text, the keyboard with foreign letters appears first, though it can be resolved by selecting the ABC on the screen.

Choosing a certain option at the beginning of the game, the dialogue that follows, 'first' is misspelled as 'firs'

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Ah I see. My mistake. It’s much appreciated! (I was looking at the game’s wiki download page)

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Wow, a translation of one of these? How interesting. 

Edit: Despite the Tv Tropes page and  seeing someone stream some of it (I can't remember if it was in English or Japanese )I  never realised the whole series was finally translated until now! Awesome!

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Only bugs I found were:

-If you encounter the big guy in outside of the house you end up in (in the area you enter after going down at the beginning of the game) the protagonist's faceset changes to RTP for that line of dialogue. 

-Berries, the mind candy and loose stones all respawn every time you enter and exit a building.

-If you walk around in houses you can encounter enemies (not sure if intentional?)


Browser version doesn’t work, graphics error

Nice concept

Cool visuals

The background moon changing is a nice touch 

Maps need more interactivity and gameplay in them 

Creatures disappear when you interact with them, not sure if intentional 

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Mild spoilers for story and gameplay 

I’m interested to see where poor Kuro’s dreams go! And I’m curious of this “Nemophila”. The art and music is all very nice too. 

For feedback: The twinkle on the lamppost was hard to see, because it blended in. I’d recommend giving the player the choice if they want to continue exploring the area before moving on or not, otherwise it can feel like  “forced railroading”. I myself like exploring and I understand why it’s there, you don’t want the player to miss anything.  But most players know to interact with stuff regardless. Twinkles are sometimes better used for plot relevant items that advance the story. As for being familiar with the environment, if the maps are well constructed and not too open it shouldn’t be an issue, which they are so far. Telling the player they can interact with things multiple times is also a good idea (the text doesn’t appear again after interacting with twinkling stuff, just so you know). 

This is just my opinion, so take my advice as a pinch of salt. (I’m not a dev). I like that you are using floating speech bubbles for important NPCs though, good idea! I hope I can interact a little more with people and stuff in the full game, though I guess part of Kuro’s personality is that he keeps to himself, considering his home life, the bullying and his appearance. 

The text and dialogue is written ok, just needs some proofreading here and there. The dynamic between Kuro and Shiro at the end is short and sweet. 

The dream sequence at the beginning would feel even more immersive with some visuals. I mostly got the sad/bittersweet emotions intended from the short duration of the demo, it just needs some more variety visual wise!

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(Some mild spoilers for the gameplay and endings)

I got the buzzer error too. I played through the game and for what it was it was decent, aside from that and a few events that could be repeated like pouring cola on the gate. I don’t like the repetitive piano music at the beginning. I also think that one puzzle about the eyes could have had a different answer that counts Sir Allen themselves, as well as a punishment for brute forcing it. There is a grammar error when he says “in the secretary” if you try to leave the first room early. (I wish I could have seen them in the ending). 

But the story and art was good, and the climax. I’m glad it wasn’t a tedious chase scene, I wasn’t expecting to be cut off by Belle like that. Nice subversion of expectations. I just wish the whole game was a little longer. Thanks for sharing it though, I can respect that and I understand it was something you made a while ago. 

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This actually looks very appeel-ling. I love bananas. And RPG maker. Both? Amazing.

Couldn’t agree more with your feedback! :3  Also I did manage to record it myself but have been having trouble with my video processor, apologies dev. 

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Congrats on the re-release! ⭐️ 🤴 

These sprites tho

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I like the design of the main character 

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A Vinny rpg maker fangame? Cool. That face sprite is cute. Wonder if he’d play it. 

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The meat 🥩 event trigger with the wolf 🐺 keeps repeating itself, the object it’s supposed to give doesn’t appear so I can’t progress. >_<

Lovely art and fun dialogue so far. ^_^