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do you happen to have any more art  of Karina the Cat? 

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Overall I enjoyed my time with this.  I played it in one go. I think I did everything I can in the current version  ( I have recruited Amanda The Nun ). Wishing you the best for development! 

Hard but addicting on mobile! 

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I enjoyed the interaction gameplay and character dynamic. Although it froze when I ran to the hole / oubliette during the second chase scene. Is there a specific spot you’re supposed to go to avoid this cutscene error? Also you can clip through the tiles in a few places / look mismatched, one of the upper left rooms on one of the maps has this issue I think. Otherwise they look decent, not too cluttered or empty. ( Save doesn’t work on mobile for some reason, so I’ve only played through three times. Could try again. ) .

Rest in piece Parun.

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Hi quick correction. As an acespec person it’s actually little to no attraction. 

I really like your character designs 

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what did you watch? ( in reality )

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Wait which icon? The game’s art / logo / rpg maker icon? * realises* Oh.

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you’re a talented artist , nice to see more rpg maker games with goofy hijinks 

Remakes are always super cool to see. 

I like Krow’s design, looks like a lot of talent went into this. Congrats on the release. 

 that art is pretty cute and charming. did you make it? 

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watched Hawkzombie’s video, you are very talented! thank you for this, have a nice day  ☺️

Hi, I saw you on the rpg maker forums, the screenshot thread! Congrats on releasing your first game and good luck in the contest! 

Good luck in the contest! 

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Frogge was part of this? Cool! Congrats on your contest entry, good luck! 

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Sorry for all the questions. I watched a YouTube playthrough and from what I’ve seen it’s very good. 

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Thanks for answering my questions! One last thing, does the trans character have a different name or is it not addressed / not applicable? 

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regarding the transgender tag, which characters and / or devs are trans and what are the characters’ / devs’ pronouns? 

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man. ( Juan )🐴 

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I like the moderator kitteh reference in the page art 

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oh the blog is so cool I remember! sorry I skimread the credit at first. thank you very much. I will double check though. if you have a tumblr I can tag you also ( will put your name in tags anyway ) ! are cropped screenshots still ok? and is it ok to just use the pronouns or is there anything else? sorry for all the questions!  I hope you have a good rest of summer and  disability pride month! 

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just curious, does Larice have any specific gender / attraction labels? also would it be ok to use the uncropped top of page art or some other art for a post on my tumblr blog rpgmakercharacteroftheday with credits / tagging? if not would a cropped / un cropped screenshot be ok ( again with credit and tagging. ) I will link you the post to check it is correct. 

if these questions make you uncomfortable,  tell me. 

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Thank you, sorry for the error, I will only use the word they to refer to the character ( if I’m misunderstanding or made you uncomfortable please tell me ) 

 Oh I forgot to ask do they use any other specific gender / attraction labels or if you prefer not to answer that’s fine. 

Also would it be ok to use / do you have any uncropped art of the main character to use on my tumblr blog, rpgmakercharacteroftheday with credit / tagging? If not is a cropped / uncropped  game screenshot ok? I can also link you the post to check it is correct.  If asking this makes you uncomfortable please tell me.

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what’s the main character’s pronouns? or is just they ok? 

Edited for correct word ( I think ) 

what’s the character in the header’s name and the character’s pronouns / preferred labels ? love the design. 

The K9-DOG seems kinda similar to Deep Sea Prisoner character sprites

Some feedback:

You might want to put a trigger warning for flashing lights ( the dinner scenes ) and misogny / harassment ( the uncle scene ) 

In the English version there is a few bits of untranslated text, "Du bist krank" and "ja" 

If you try to select makeup before hair on the second day it will softlock the game 

looks interesting, screenshots are a bit dark though 

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can i ask what the characters' pronouns are? is the name the protagonist is called at the start supposed to be dead naming? sorry for so many questions, congrats on completing your game and i hope you had a good pride month! and you only have to answer if it's not spoilers obviously, if i made you uncomfortable please tell me.

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Just curious, regarding the lgbtqia tag, which characters are lgbt if there are any? 

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regarding the non binary tag, which of the characters / devs are non binary if you don’t mind me asking? 

You made a game, awesome! 

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I skimmed that, sorry! thanks

oh my gosh I remember following you on tumblr! nice to see you again, hope you’re doing well 

just curious, which of the characters / devs are trans?