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The demo served as a good transition from the prequel ‘Rose of Segunda’ and managed to build my interest. There are still good balances of humour, serious tone and romance (since they are married after all ;D). Oh I missed the playful MC, and of course the trickster, troublemaker duo (MC and Frederique).

Things which kept my curiosity and build up my anticipation:

1. How MC and love interest(s) (particularly MC X Leopold) will interact with Prince and Francesca. I am also quite interested if the Prince will ever come to truly love Francesca (those who played the prequel knew the Prince has some unresolved issues where his moral values come into conflict with his position and responsibility).

2. I also wonder if Francesca, who has been raised as a winner will ever have a change of heart during the course of the story and learn some valuable lessons or she will just stay a bitter cucumber. I missed her banters with MC and the girls.

3. Frederique’s route (One of my favourites along with Leopold’s, ahem)! Everything about Frederique’s route is a mystery and I keep wondering how the family will react to this news, or will they be able to hide their marriage / romance from Mother’s watchful eyes? I actually really like MC’s Mother (based on exposure from RoS and the demo in ToW). She is a good mixture of Mother who does *seemed* to love her children but also torn between her ‘responsibility’, as she put it. Or will the sequel revealed her children really are just ‘pawns’ to her? It sort of gives the melancholic feeling of Victorian era where mother’s love is complicated thing, but isn’t it always? xD

4. Does ‘who the King wants you to marry at the end of prequel?’ gives any sort of impact in later story? I played both ‘Francesca’ and ‘Me’ and didn’t notice any dialogue changes though it is probably just me since after all, we still haven’t had any direct encounter with the King yet in the demo.

5. Sofia’s route. Because we know that Frederique also love the MC so I wonder if there will be any drama involving these 3 pretties, or if Frederique will come to love Sofia or if he will find someone else to love? Or… IDK HAHA too many possibilities!!

6. Outcome of the war, obviously! Particularly the main players such as Prince and Leo. This war will surely have a huge impact on them both.

7. Married with children endings, since you brought it up in the demo xD

8. New characters and secret character! So there are 3, right?