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Multiple items were acquired, but only two were displayed.

Force the fight to end, pop up error.

Perfect art, spent $100 on several bundles, which is very cheap compared with the artistic value. I hope to update more animation effects in the future.

32' s and my 48' s tiles don't match.

I bought the bundle, but I repeated two of them in the DLC of steam MZ. Can you change this 48 version for an extra 48?

After buying the bundle, I can't directly access the single one, unlike the visu plug-in.

Only gambling and affection were used before, and there were no examples of farming and fishing.

I don't know, because this is machine translation.

I bought this bag a few months ago, but it seems to be off the shelf. It has no examples, and it is completely useless for farming. With this, you can't access a single farming package.

I already have one of the elves. If I buy it, it will be repeated.

I already have one of the elves.

This plugin conflicts with visu, and it will crash when fighting.But minimap needs this plug-in.

I bought this set of icons for $29, but when I made a thank-you list, I found that the agreement said that icons can only be used for one game, and will the next game cost money? In this case, I don't think I will use your icon, because the quality is good, but the cost performance is too low.

Unfortunately, you can't take my money. There seems to be something wrong with my PayPal payment.

Does this bag support Chinese?

I have successfully carried it. It's very good. Have you considered making another animation package?

The bundle has been removed.

Well done! Do you have the keel collection bag of rpg maker MZ? I want to buy some.

Is the plug-in compatible with visuMZ plug-in? Because I have already spent 200 dollars to buy a full set of visuMZ. 

If they are not compatible, it will be difficult to choose.

If it is compatible, I will not hesitate to buy it because it is great.That's what I want.


I like this resource very much, but I don't have any money. Will there be any discount later?

Your creation is the best among all the materials. I want to buy all your assets, but unfortunately I don't have enough money to realize this idea, which is very uncomfortable.

Well, thank you.

Another problem is the core plug-in needed. After packaging the Android terminal, the core plug-in led to ugly lines on the map, which means that I lost the huge player group of mobile phone users. I can't understand English and use Internet machine translation. I don't know whether the meaning of machine translation is accurate or not and whether it can be understood.

I bought this. Can the icons and pictures in it be used for commercial games? I use machine translation. I wonder if you understand what I mean.