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Ryan Bentz

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For your first horror game and first time using Unity, this is really good! I can see a lot of potential in your future projects. The ending was a bit abrupt, but other than that I enjoyed it! I played it on my channel. Feel free to check it out! ☺️

Also, I can tell English isn't your first language. So, I re-wrote the description for you: 

The House is a small, personal project to allow me to learn the Unity game engine.

I wanted to create a horror game for Halloween, so I tried it on Unity. 

This is the first time I created a game of this type and worked on Unity. I hope you will enjoy it!

The audio was quite loud. I apologize. Nonetheless, this was a great game. It took me a lot of tries, but in the end, I got it. After finding the electric bill on the fridge, the closest door was difficult to get in. The key was also hard to find. I had to refer to a video to find it. It was worth it, though. I can't believe I jumped twice 😂

Nice game! I really enjoyed this one 😊 I hope to play more in the future. In the description, it says 'P' is the control to ping location. In the game, 'R' is the control to ping location. I would recommend changing that asap, as it may confuse players. Also, some of the dialogue had some errors. I'm guessing English isn't your first language, no worries! Overall, a really good job for your first game. I'm impressed.

The game audio is phenomenal. That alone made the atmosphere much creepier. The hooded figure you had to run from at the end wasn't too hard to beat. Despite me having a shitty laptop, the game ran surprisingly well. I have nothing bad to say about this game. Nice job!

First off, the text before the menu screen was difficult to read. If you plan on doing future updates, I would recommend changing that. 

The controls 'Q' and 'E' were a bit weird. Additionally, you had to hold 'D' in order to communicate with the characters. That was a bit annoying. I would have preferred using the mouse. I liked how you only had to hit 'W' once for the bus to accelerate (until braking). Good feature to tell the player when to stop as well. In the first version, it was a bit hard to know when you were supposed to do this. 

I did find a pretty significant bug. The second character knocks on the window. The door opens and he enters the bus. After the first set of dialogue, he teleports out of the bus and comes back in. 

Some of the dialogue itself was too long as well. I would recommend shorting some of it so the player remains attentive. There were multiple endings, but it seemed like nothing changed. In both endings, you hit the girl and the game is over. 

Overall, pretty solid for your first game. Nice j


Nice, this is a pretty solid game! It is a unique concept of having multiple dreams within a dream. It reminds me of deja vu. I found it funny it said 'Sleeping' while you were sleeping. All in all, good game. Props to the developer 🙌

For some reason,

the game audio didn't record. This was a browser game, but it still should've worked. I hope you enjoyed regardless.

This game had me on edge the entire time. The jumpscares were amazing! I am incredibly impressed, good job Niven :)

I really enjoyed this horror game! It was an amazing concept and was executed perfectly. I am looking forward to playing more games from this developer. Good length of playtime too. Not too short, not too long. I really had fun!! Thanks again :)

This game was really fun! I will definitely revisit it at night. The jumpscares were amazing, and I think it would be a completely different experience late at night.

I was quite happy I was able to identify the language of the game, but the fact that I couldn't assume català meant Catalan is a bit sad 💀 Good game overall, I enjoyed it! Congratulations on your first game :)

This was a really fun game! As a musician, I was really interested in the whistling at the end. It was a version of happy birthday I had never heard before. I hope you enjoyed my playthrough and "piano cover" at the end 😂

I didn't have my headphones plugged in properly, so I couldn't hear the game audio. Regardless, I am glad the audio was recorded. If you enjoyed, please be sure to drop a like! I also found a secret ending 👀

I had way too much fun editing this video lol. If you could check it out, it would mean a lot!

This was a really fun game! Night 5 was quite long, but I'm happy I completed it. If you enjoyed drop a like and consider subscribing :)

I really enjoyed playing this game. Some of the text was cut off, but it was definitely still playable. Thanks for making it! 

I really enjoyed this game! I encountered some bugs, but other than that it was fun. Thanks for watching :3

This is definitely the dumbest "horror" game I've ever seen. With that being said, I still had fun playing it. I also had fun editing this video. If you enjoyed please drop a like and consider subscribing to the channel. It is free and helps out a ton, thank you!

I apologize for my dumb$ss running around, looking for where the loud noise was coming from. 💀 I edited this video so you didn't have to sit through all of that. I plan on editing more of my videos in the future. 

'On One's Own' is an intriguing title, to begin with. After playing, I can confidently say this is my favorite indie horror game! The overall environment of the bunker is eerie and strange. I immediately felt uneasy and anticipated something to happen. The concept of maintaining the systems to keep you safe is genius. I always enjoy interactive horror games.

😊 The game itself was enjoyable. The graphics were sharp and detailed with texture. The binaural audio made it seem like I was actually in the bunker. I had no issues with the controls or mouse sensitivity. In terms of jump scares, there were quite a few. I had the game audio fairly loud, so I was caught off guard once or twice. Simple things like the radio going off were subtle attributes, good enough to give you a scare. That goes to show how far sound itself can take you. I loved the ending and length of the game. 10/10, I would definitely recommend it! I hope to see more from this developer. This crushed my expectation for a four-week school project. I am also a classical musician, so that is an extra point from me (for the music). ^-^


Aside from Contemp, this is my second favorite indie horror game. I can’t believe it was made in under 24 hours!? In comparison, Contemp was made in 9 weeks. I can’t imagine what the dev could put together in that amount of time. Looking forward to playing more games from this developer. 

Contemp is by far the best indie horror game I’ve ever played! The graphics and audio design could not have been better. The binaural audio and audio mixing were perfect. I recommend playing it for yourself if you have not already. I had to reduce the quality of the game to make it run smoothly, but definitely no complaints. Props to the developer for making this in 9 weeks. 🙌

Aside from the game crashing, I really enjoyed this game! 

This game was pretty fun! Interesting concept, not the best execution. It was very repetitive but still enjoyable. Other than that, the graphics were pr

etty good. The monkey was also a good addition. I couldn't tell if he was my friend or not 🙈

Yet, another short, pixelated game! The atmosphere of this game was creepy. I think the ending could've been better, but that is my personal preference. 

The game was short, but I enjoyed it!

I really enjoyed this game! I plan on playing more indie games in the future.

The vintage effect made the game a bit creepy. Other than that, it seemed a bit silly. Definitely not my favorite, but not bad.

Short and sweet! I really loved the concept of this game. The quality gave off a creepy and ambient vibe. Definitely one of my favorites so far!! 😊