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I also really struggled with this prompt, but I loved how you turned it into this very personal experience. I personally think the switch from pressing space to see text to playing a sound game was a bit unexpected and I think that partially because of how jarring the announcers voice was, I think if there was more a lead up w/ a calmer voice it would have flowed smoother. I also found that having to keep track of four keys was a bit hard, as you just had to remember what they were, so perhaps making It only two keys instead of SW and OI would be nice. Overall I really loved this game and the animations were very smooth. Great work!

I loved the idea of this game, it was very fun and silly. I found it a bit difficult to actually capture the hats as the pigeon spawns quite high up and once I figured out an angle to fly at any slight movement change would put me off course away from the reach of the hats. It was super fun to try and capture the hats however and I think if the movement was tweaked a bit it would feel much smoother. The models are super pretty and well done. Great work!

I really loved this game, it was super fun and silly. Being able to jump and push things off felt smooth for the most part, although sometimes objects would get stuck in other objects for me. I think the jumping felt a bit too elongated sometimes, that I could jump and would float for a bit and then come down, so perhaps just tuning the jump to feel less floaty. The models were very well done, great work!

I love the simplicity of this game. Its very calm and relaxing. The models are all beautiful and work together really well. The camera perspective was really nice, although I wish the fox would have turned a bit more dramatically when the camera angle changed. I think it would be really nice to eat an element when the fox could stop to eat something or drink water by a lake. Overall, great work!

I love this pigeon game! The camera tilt feels nice and I like the idea that I get to feed my fellow pigeons. The art is super pretty and the sounds match the tone and mood of the game. I do wish the pigeons would actually try to stop and eat the food, as right now it just disappears. I also think a variation in animations for the pigeons would have been nice to see. Awesome job!

gineleee!!I like your game a lot, it was simple and cute. I think the eggs drop too fast for me to effectively drag the bucket around to catch them consistently, so perhaps using WASD or arrows keys to move the basket would be nicer and easier for the player to catch the eggs. I think it would have also been nice if the eggs started dropping slow and sped up overtime to have a progress of difficulty. I think the UI was done really well :) Great work!

This game was super funny and interesting. I liked how the salmon kinda just floated in this surreal space with just a toilet in the middle. The splash effect is super smooth. I was a bit confused because when I spawned into the game, the camera kind of went crazy and I couldn't see the toilet anymore, so perhaps slowing down the speed at which the camera moves would be nice. It was a bit unclear that I could move around the 3D space, so maybe just putting that in the game, that you can use WASD to move around would be nice. I know you mentioned there was no sound and music, but if you get the time adding sounds would be nice to help the player identify when a salmon is coming near them. Overall great work!

I couldn't get the sprite sponsorship, but its super fun trying to! I wish I knew what the eggs meant and sometimes when I clicked on an object it wouldn't explode immediately, so there was a bit of a delay. I liked how destroying different objects affected the stats, but as time went on I didn't know which objects to destroy to get me closer to the sponsorship. Great game overall, nice work!

I loved the museum type concept for this prompt. I think you framed all the works really well and utilized the text uniquely. I loved the commentary we were able to give, it was quite funny. I think it would have been fun to be able to give our own comments on the work in addition to the pre-added comments. The UI sometimes would overlap with the text of the art pieces when I zoomed it, so I think just fixing that would make the game feel nicer. I'm not sure if different commentary gives different results in terms of the prof rating, etc. but if so I would have liked to been able to go back and try, so having a restart option would be nice. Great work!

I really liked this game! It was simple and fun and reminded my of The Walking Dead a lot. I loved how overtime more zombies started spawning to overwhelm the player. I think there is a slight reaction delay when the player clicks on the zombie to shoot, so when more zombies started to spawn it was sometimes hard to tell if I actually hit them or not. I think a score counter would have been nice to have as well. Awesome job!

I love the art done for this game, its super unique! The button interactions felt really nice, although I wish there were more reactions from the cow if I choose to unlike or unsubscribe. I also wish I could have done more with the cow itself, like control how it moved or gave it food, etc. It would be interesting if you also added a fast forward button and see how you could play with that. Great work overall!

I really liked the calm vibe of this game. The turtle is super adorable and the swimming animation is nice as well. The sounds in the game work really well with the tone and mood you are trying to set. I think because the game is so simple, it would be nice to be able to customize things for the pet turtle, like the color of the sand castle and the calcium lamp. I think it would be also fun to add a decorating element to the game, like adding more plants, rocks, etc. I also think adding an eating animation would make the experience more seamless, as right now it seems the turtle kinda just absorbs the food. Great work overall! 

I loved the lowpoly snake, its adorable and all the animations are super cute as well! I wish there were sounds effects (hissing noises). I also wanted to see if the snake would bite me, so adding that in would be nice! You could expand on this more by adding food to feed the snake. Great work!

I really enjoyed the spookiness of your pet! It was smooth and simple. The animations were super cute felt nice to interact with. I wish I could have interacted with the void pet more, like feed it different foods, or put the pet to bed - etc. I don't know if this was intentional, but after some time I was no longer able to feed the void. I would have liked to see more sound effects, like a noise when petting the void or when it eats. Awesome job!

AHH stephy I loved this game so much! The art is beautiful and the gameplay feels smooth. I think all the colors work really well together and the music + sound effects are spot on. I like the balance of difficulty as the baby requests more items and time gets shorter. I think the placement of the points and hs are a bit ill placed, as it is on a transparent background over an object in the game, so it makes it a bit hard to see. I like the click and drag of the items, but I think it would feel better if when you clicked on an item, it didn't disappear from its box, but made a copy you could drag the copy to the baby instead. Great work overall! 

I really loved this game! The pixel block style works really well for your theme and was really well designed. The pausing and playing of the silly video was really well integrated and felt nice to interact with. I think the rate at which the boss appears was really well done and definitely added to the subtle stress of the game, but since he appears so often, it would be nice to have some sort of indicator or alarm system in place as to when he might appear. I think if you wanted to work on it more, once the happy meter is fulfilled you move on to a new level where its much harder to maintain both  - part of me wanted a win screen for when I filled up my happy meter, but I suppose it wouldn't be on theme then. Overall I really enjoyed this game, well done!

hi lukee, I really loved this game, it was fun and relaxing and the simplicity of the game made it very nice to vibe to at night! The art style is super cute and the color choice is perfect. The subtle particle bouncing off when you hit the drum isn't super dramatic and feels nice to interact with. The music choice is really fun, but since this game is heavily music/ beat based I wish there was a way to switch between different songs - maybe adding a playlist players can choose from. I think being able to add another drumstick would be fun too and being able to choose the colors for it. Since this is a very chill and vibe game I can understand you not wanting to overcomplicate it, so I think just having different beats to vibe to and being able to change the color scheme of the drumstick and drums would be fun additions to the game! Great work :)

Arjun this game was absolutely beautiful! The visuals, the music, the effects - I loved everything about. You managed to turn a simple one-button game into this really magical experience.  I think the choice of keeping the art very minimal and simple adds to the tone you are trying to go for. I would have liked to been able to compare my scores or at least have some indication as to if I beat my previous score. I think because you have these lovely cut scenes to get to the game, a skip option for those who don't want to go through cutscene again would be something you could add. The music in the game is really beautiful and fits perfectly, I really enjoyed playing this game, amazing work!

Hi :3 I loved the concept behind this game, the little cube guy was adorable! It was really enjoyable to play and the small premise behind the game made it more interesting to want to finish the game. I think it would have been nice to a counter for the amount of trash collected to keep track as well as warning signals when the timer was almost up. So if there was only 30 seconds left on the timer, maybe the color changes or it starts flashing, since the box the timer is in is a little small. Really cute game, great work!

I think the hold and release mechanic is a really creative idea for this assignment and you pulled it off very well! I enjoyed the theme of having to create the perfect carrot for Bunny Ramsay. The low poly models really enhance the tone you are trying to create. I wish the rate at which the carrot were being cooked were represented in the carrots itself, they stay the same color while it's being cooked so it's hard to tell if its visually getting closer to perfect or not. I think the game could also benefit from some light sound effects, such as fire cackling and food cooking, etc. Overall I really loved this game, it's probably my favorite one - good work!!

Hi Finn :3 This is really great clone! I think you reflected the essence of the game quite well, especially through the visual look. I thought the use of the static screen overlay was unique and added another element of visual excitement, although I wish it didn't blur out the frame the animations were held within, as it felt disconnected from the crisp look of the fonts and sprites. I liked the move towards arrow keys instead of the original keys as it made it easier to navigate around the animations. I think the rate at which animations slow down could be adjusted, I found it a bit too easy to keep everything moving constantly. Overall I think this was a beautiful clone!

Hi Miles! This clone is incredible! It's exactly like the original and feels way better with the added modern controls. The animations are done super well and feel great to interact with. I loved direction you took with the mouse animation! In the original it wasn't easy to keep all the animations running, it felt impossible for me, but your clone manages to strike a balance where it's not too hard nor too easy and I really enjoyed that. Great work!

Hi Ron! I really enjoyed this clone, the art feels true to the original and the animations feel better to interact with. The controls do feel true to the game, however I wish the key bindings were a little different maybe WASD instead because sometimes it was hard to have my fingers near different parts of the keyboard. The music was perfectly cut and I enjoyed the inclusion of the rat animation in the beginning. I also felt that the background art was cleaner than the og, so good on that! I will say because I had a hard time with the controls, I couldn't keep the animations running, so perhaps slowing down the rate at which the animations stop would give the player more time to interact with them. Other than that, excellent work!

Hi Jordan :3 This clone is really beautiful, the controls feel nice and are well placed, the animations move smoothly and the acceleration feels real and runs smoothly. The difficulty of the game feels relatively balanced, however the projectile for the shooting felt a bit delayed in some cases, especially when I was right behind an enemy. Overall this is a very well done clone and I enjoyed playing it!