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Posted in [Devlog] Ephem

So today I did lots of finishing up stuff, balancing enemies and doing a bit more art. Here's a little preview of one drawing I did for a scene,

A pretty sky!

Created a new topic [Devlog] Ephem

I'm a bit late to making a devlog, but the jam isn't over yet and I'd like to share some of my progress!

I'm developing a short turn-based RPG with the help of two other great artists, Hogwash and Pyromantic Arts. It's being made in RPGMaker MV, and it's about a criminal thrown into the depths of a cursed dungeon. He tries to fight his way out, but he can't do it alone.

I started off making the portraits of characters for when dialogue is happening, as well as in the menu and during battle. These are just a few expressions of many,

After the basics of the tileset was done by Pyro, I started working on the pixel sprites that would show your movement.

I played around with lighting to make certain areas give off a different feeling.

And I edited the tileset a bit to add more variety in some places, (I put in the flowers)

I drew and implemented some fierce enemies to fight.

And then I drew the last character,

And finally made the actual titlescreen image.

It was pretty quickly thrown together, but it'll do.

Look at how awesome these icons look. Hogwash made them, as well as a bunch of others and some cool battle animations.

Now, I just need to wrap up the story and I'll be done! I got sick, so that slowed me down a little bit. But that's why I gave myself a time cushion in the first place. :) Not everything I've done is here but this should be a good summary.