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Well ain't that just a beauty!? Love that you made the fire button be jump and push up be shoot. Works so well in this game.
I've not had a full play yet (work day), but what I have seen is wubberly.

Thank you, that's very nice of you to say.

Nice version. 👍

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Nice one Doc! Great entry in the making here.

The mind boggles. This is an astounding achievement. Well done James.

Well done on your release!!

No, it was not designed for NTSC, sorry. Would need to be played on emulator in PAL mode.

I could have sworn I already bought the Pro version, but alas not. I had a free version.

Anyway  rectified now. Thanks for creating such a wonderful set of tools.

haha well now ya know!

very nice score, Georg! That'll take some dedication to beat!

Best game name ever!

haha yeah. That was a while ago eh!?

Who'd have thought we'd end up in a group together?  I really wouldn't. I thought I was done with all the shizz.

Aww shite! That is bad timing :(

I love how smooth the number dial is on this. SO cool.

I had no idea ya made this Jamie!!! Nice.

ooh thanks!!! 😊

Hehe very nice! Lovely presentation too.

Just been playing this Georg! Lovely little shooter this.

Ooh this is a surprise! I'll give this a play later when I get on my pc.

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It's okay! I got it working. I just renamed the function from drawing(x,y) to something else and it worked. Weird.
I am using Pico8 0.2.0I

It's an excellent tool! Thanks!


I decided to try this, but I'm afraid I am not having much success. 
I get there error:

Runtime Error Line 19 Tab 0

Attempt to call global 'drawing' (a nil value)
in _draw line 19 (tab o)
at line 0 (tab 0)

What am I doing wrong here?

I am basically pasting in the Lua code after all my test code and then all I have in _update() is a button check to then set a flag to make the image draw in my _draw() function by called drawing(0,0)



Awesome entry Ant! Fun and original. Proper ANT stamp all over it.

hehe hope u enjoy.😋

Just a gentle shove :P
I think it's a great compo. Brings some the best of the the c64 scene. Great stuff.

That's a LOT of entries. Fantastic showing of contributions.

Tis gonna be ace this. Nice work, as always.

C64 version next?

HAHA! Love the idea, but jeez!!! SO HARD!
It took me about 15 to 20 attempts to do the first screen :P
I really like the idea though and the sound suits it too.

Congrats on your new release!

Great stuff! I haven't released or finished anything with Unity, but do like it. A game can be made much quicker in Unity than anything else I'm used to.

Nice to see you dabbling with Unity Richard. How are ya liking it?

It would convert nicely to other platforms

Very nicely done, matey. Polished too. I was a bit shit at it, only got 2 level 3 on my first go, but it's a nice puzzler.

This game is SO GOOD! Would love to have seen mini bosses every 4 or so screen. A bit like Phoenix.

Okay, I've now had a chance to play and this game is SOOOOO authentic in that old arcade game feel.  Awesome work as ever Tony and gang. 
You should all be proud!

Awesome sauce! I'll be loading this up later. What a treat from my fave C64 dev.

ooh! You are making it hard for me to ever complete!

I definitely would like to have a go, yes.

Ooh ya bugger! Pixel perfection needed for those wall openings.
Nicely done Gaz. My ambition is to release a Spectrum game one day.

Hi matey... there is a game I considered, but the jury is still out on whether I have the inclination to take part.

I do love to see other people's entries though.