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This game is SO GOOD! Would love to have seen mini bosses every 4 or so screen. A bit like Phoenix.

Okay, I've now had a chance to play and this game is SOOOOO authentic in that old arcade game feel.  Awesome work as ever Tony and gang. 
You should all be proud!

Awesome sauce! I'll be loading this up later. What a treat from my fave C64 dev.

ooh! You are making it hard for me to ever complete!

I definitely would like to have a go, yes.

Ooh ya bugger! Pixel perfection needed for those wall openings.
Nicely done Gaz. My ambition is to release a Spectrum game one day.

Hi matey... there is a game I considered, but the jury is still out on whether I have the inclination to take part.

I do love to see other people's entries though.


But of course! Thanks for your support matey. It means a lot!

Congrats on another nice release.

Lovely game. Well done

Hehe thanks Richard.

Bloomin' awful game that basically came about from a really bad demo I did.

I am fond of the music (not mine) and the star routine on the title screen.

It's crazy that this got included onto a cover tape.

Lol! I was shooting the elephants! They'd probably prefer I didn't try!😄

Fun game, nice idea.

However, I suck at this game :P

HAHA nice. Quite tricky too

Thanks for playing. You played it the hard way. You can push up to jump! Hehe

Nice video!!

To be totally frank, there's not much plot to it other than you just need to retrieve the droids. I was just 'winging it'.

However, with Hektic III (a game I planned on doing recently), there is a story and plot that ties things up with Hektic 2 and adds a back story.

It's uncertain (probably unlikely) as to whether I'll ever get to make Hektic III, but I did start a 'Director's Cut' of Hektic 2 that has an end sequence that leads to Hektic III.

Hektic III is intended to be more action adventure.

Never say never, eh?

I do have several started projects that are not shown here. I don't see much point in posting them. 

I did post Humpy though as the actual game is there, barring some title screen and other stuff.

Lovely game mate. Very polished and I love that rewind feature. Top notch.

Cute tooth fairy game :P

Thanks :)

It'd be cool if there was a way to auto play this, without a need to setup.

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Lovely game from what I've seen so far. Just downloaded and had  a quick blast.
This game looks like it SHOULD do well. Could only try briefly as I'm still at work :P

Yes, out of the jam games I tried, this is the only one that failed. I will try again next time I am on my pc.

Hmmm, cannot seem to get this one to work on the web.

Good, solid entry. Well done!

Awesome! I really like this one. Very simple idea, but perfectly executed.
Best score up to now is 26.

This game is bonkers!

So.... I like it.

Admittedly, it's probably not a game I'll return to often (if at all), but it's a fun idea and a nice entry.

OOh this plays wonderfully. Excellent entry Paranoid Cactus! I'm not very good, but I can improve :P

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haha nice one Paul! On my first go, I died at the flames with a deadly burp :P
Great jam entry!

OOh very nice game, matey peep. Got a really nice flavour of Galaxian/Galaga and Space Invaders. Lovely. Ticking all my boxes.

Fun little game. I hope to see more from pandas with turtle shells.

Wow! 560 chars!? That's  super impressive matey.

Nice one Paul. Nicely put together with great sound. I've currently only played 24 of the levels. Just another 8 to go?

Really enjoyed this, matey. Fun, slick and perfect for the theme. Good luck.

Really cool, Matt. Very nicely done. Love the sound too.

Good luck with your itch release.

Just been browsing through recent releases on Switch and this game caught my eye.

My lad is playing it right now on Switch, loving it and I thought I'd check out which other platforms it was available on.

So, just HAD to repurchase for PC/Steam.

This is a real gem of a game. Simple design, but perfectly executed. The music is perfect for the game too.

Great work, Matt.

Well done on your release.