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Okay, have played and it's perfect! Well done!

Wow! Your output is phenomenal. All great quality. Will be playing this later. Thanks. Your support for the beloved C64 is greatlu appreciated.

Thanks for sharing. Will download next time I'm on my pc.

Nice simple concept that works well.

Well said, Marcelo.

Kudos to you for making and releasing a Speccy game. Something I'd love to do, but doubt I will ever manage it.

Nice! Will try this in hardware next time I hook up the ZX.

Lovely version. Very fun and playable. Well done.

Ha! I am not aware of this machine, but well done! So many words too! Nice one.

Thanks Marco.

Green is correct letter in correct place. Blue is correct letter, but wrong place.

Super cute game. You can never have enough Paper Plane games on C64 :)


Yay! It's released! Great work Megamates.


hehe just been playing this. I like that you can just play in browser too. Fun little seasonal game and well done to Aurora for the design and graphics. I hope we'll see more from them.

Awesome sauce! This is gonna be do useful!

Works wonderfully as cartridge, as Sarah intended I guess.

This is super polished Sarah. I haven't even scratched the surface yet. I need to play on hardware though to get the full 'feelz'.
Such a lovely game for us C64 goobers.
Well done on yet another fantastic title.

Whoah! This is excellent. Thank you for porting on of my fave arcade games.

Also, thanks for sharing source code too.

Lovely version of the game. Nice job!

This is mind-blowingly good matey.
Quite addictive too.  My best is 69.8 seconds.

Well done! You never cease to impress.

Well ain't that just a beauty!? Love that you made the fire button be jump and push up be shoot. Works so well in this game.
I've not had a full play yet (work day), but what I have seen is wubberly.

Thank you, that's very nice of you to say.

Nice version. 👍

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Nice one Doc! Great entry in the making here.

The mind boggles. This is an astounding achievement. Well done James.

Well done on your release!!

No, it was not designed for NTSC, sorry. Would need to be played on emulator in PAL mode.

I could have sworn I already bought the Pro version, but alas not. I had a free version.

Anyway  rectified now. Thanks for creating such a wonderful set of tools.

haha well now ya know!

very nice score, Georg! That'll take some dedication to beat!

Best game name ever!

haha yeah. That was a while ago eh!?

Who'd have thought we'd end up in a group together?  I really wouldn't. I thought I was done with all the shizz.

Aww shite! That is bad timing :(

I love how smooth the number dial is on this. SO cool.

I had no idea ya made this Jamie!!! Nice.

ooh thanks!!! 😊

Hehe very nice! Lovely presentation too.