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Just been browsing through recent releases on Switch and this game caught my eye.

My lad is playing it right now on Switch, loving it and I thought I'd check out which other platforms it was available on.

So, just HAD to repurchase for PC/Steam.

This is a real gem of a game. Simple design, but perfectly executed. The music is perfect for the game too.

Great work, Matt.

haha I see.

Nuffink 'ere ?

Well done on your release.

The "back in time" thing is a cool idea.

One doffs one's cap. Very nicely done.

Nice little game, Egor. It'd make a nice C64 port.

Haha finally got on my PC to play this. Yet again, you've created something wonderful Paul.
Love it!
Very nicely done and a fun idea too.

ooh nice. Will give it a play later. I'm currently at the arcade club in Bury.

Bloomin' great. With the proposed additions you mentioned, this will be awesome.
Very nice, Paul.

AWESOME!!! I'm gonna have to take my laptop on holiday now just so I can play this!!!!!! Yay! You're my hero!

haha bonkers, but nicely done.  I only got 5700 :/

ooh, collaboration! I'll let ya know! Maybe soon, yeah?

Okay, I've played it now and WOW! Very nice. The sfx work fantastically with this game too. Very playable and enjoyable. Nice work indeed.

This is excellent! I am rubbish at playing it, but excellent nevertheless.

ooh thank you!

This looks lovely. When I get on my pc later I will give it a go. 

Okay, I've finally played ALL entries. Excellent crop this year. I have a few faves that are truly awesome 4k masterpieces.

HAH! Awesome!

Finally got to play this. It's REALLY cool!  Whilst being simple, it's clever too.

You do realise I may have to rip you off for a C64 game. :P

Maybe I could do it it, yeah.  Once I get my mojo back.

Very nice, as always Egor. It'd translate nicely to other formats too (eg C64 :P)

hehe thanks for playing :)

Good luck guys. I hope you gets lots of buyers.

This is obviously the best game that ever existed and nothing will ever surpass it.

Okay, I've been watching the development of this game for a while and it's looking super impressive. So polished and slick too.

So, I just HAD to buy it. I look forward to having a good play this evening. Great to see this released.

This is a great little doodle game, Egor.

1350 is my highest now.

ya did a smashing job. I knew ya would! So, what's next?

hehe very nice Lee. Love it. My highest is 1050 ar the mo'.

Very cool, matey. Would have been cool to have sfx too, but it's a great take on the scene from the film.

cheers Kev 😍

Egor, this is a lovely game. I'm amazed at how quickly you put this together.
Fantastic work, bud!
I hope it does well for you.