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Why would you even post that?

I see you are up to your usual tricks, Noggerinos. Different name, but same negative input.

If you have nothing good to say, why must you post?

I actually think this style looks lovely. Horses for courses.

Lots of people like Spectrum games, btw. 

Wow! You knocked that out in the blink of an eye. I'll give this a go when I'm back in Cheshire.

Ooh that came as a surprise!!!

Ooh! That looks like an adrenaline pumper! 

It was nice to see this in development. Turned out really lovely and plays great on my Steamdeck.

Excellent work from all involved.

Delightful game. Been playing this on my Steamdeck and it's just lovely. Super polished.

Oh wow! That's so lovely to read. You just made my day! Thank you so much.

Thanks for your feedback. I'm glad you enjoyed.

The game definitely could have been much better, but I'm generally pleased with it even though it's quite simple gameplay.

Looks very interesting!

Thanks! Glad you enjoyed.

Nice to see these added to your Itchy spot, Ant.

Thanks matey

Thanks Saberman! I'm glad you liked.

You figured out how to get higher scores! More risk, more reward!

Thanks for playing!

Lovely stuff Ant. Quite the ambitious entry! I love the goblins. Well done, my top hatted antipodean friend.

Pssst..... you know what I'm gonna say, don't ya?

Check yer DMs :P

You SHOULD be proud. Such a corker of an entry.

An 'all round' masterpiece.

Magnificent entry. Possibly my favourite. Very polished, playable and nice sound too. Thumbs up.

Excellent!!! Even better than I thought it would be and it already looked promising before I played it.  Love it George.

Impressive stuff going on here. Amazing for 4kb, with music too!

This entry is sooooooo cute! Lovely work, Richard.

(1 edit)

Oh wow! This is such a cool entry. Excellent work.
Only managed 192 on my first go, but I'm sure I can do better.

UPDATE: I then got 268 later.

Ooh! I love this entry! Very nice. Great idea.

Super impressive for 4kb. Nice music too.
Awesome entry, Carleton and Saul.

Very polished.

Nice idea for a game. Well done! Some lovely touches gone into this.

Okay, have played and it's perfect! Well done!

Wow! Your output is phenomenal. All great quality. Will be playing this later. Thanks. Your support for the beloved C64 is greatlu appreciated.

Thanks for sharing. Will download next time I'm on my pc.

Nice simple concept that works well.

Well said, Marcelo.

Kudos to you for making and releasing a Speccy game. Something I'd love to do, but doubt I will ever manage it.

Nice! Will try this in hardware next time I hook up the ZX.

Lovely version. Very fun and playable. Well done.

Ha! I am not aware of this machine, but well done! So many words too! Nice one.

Thanks Marco.

Green is correct letter in correct place. Blue is correct letter, but wrong place.

Super cute game. You can never have enough Paper Plane games on C64 :)


Yay! It's released! Great work Megamates.