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Glad you liked it, there is a lot of room for improvement but i think it turned out well given the time frame :)

Thank you! yeah I agree with the fire rate, its easy enough to change. Im not sure if you can make adjustments after the jam has ended though

After a fairly short break I decided to come back and work on this game some more and over the last couple of weeks I have improved and added a bunch of new stuff like:

-New menu with working settings menu that saves on exit of game
-Pause menu
-new starting areas
-Improved animation for npc dialogue
-new chests that require keys
-new potions that offer temporary buffs
-A Boss after level 5
-Levelling up system with points that you can allocate the upgrade your character
-Given a rank after you complete the dungeon that determines how much XP you receive
-Saving and loading progress
-Many bug fixes
-Better room layouts with more variation
and lots more!

Hope you guys enjoying playing the new update.