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I am on Windows, and the error says, "An unexpected error is keeping you from copying this file". It says it is an unspecified error for images.rpa

I keep getting a message when I try and extract the game files that "images.rpa" are creating an error and I cannot extract the files. Any way to get that to work?

I have a lenovo gaming laptop. I am not sure why this is happening either.

I did that now and I can only make it maybe 1 minute before the game says (not responding) and shuts down. 

I am on PC and used MEGAsync to install the game and now it barely runs. Is that because of MEGAsync? or something I did wrong?

I have 11.1, how do I add 12 and keep my progress?

I do have antivirus installed, but I run similar games just fine yes.

No, the application just freezes and says "not responding"

I may be doing something wrong but every time I try and play, the game only lets me play for a minute before the game crashes and I have to restart the program. I love the game and would really like to play the whole thing, but it's a little hard to play.