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Yeah it's a weird game but the character is mad, so that coincide :) ! Thanks for the video by the way, it's cool!

Thanks! :)

Hey! It was made like this to underline the madness of Jacques! Hope you enjoyed the game!

Thanks for the video! Hope you liked our game! And if you have some fedbacks that could help us do not hesitate to tell us!

Thank you for the video! Even if you're not a big fan of this type of game, we hope you liked it anyway!

Hey! Thanks for the video! We hope you enjoyed the game anyway! No it was not a bug if you can't interact with anything, it was made like that to underline the character's madness! We take note of your feedbacks and it will help us to improve our game!

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Thank you for this great video! And your reactions mean a lot for us! :D

And it's a pleasure to see that you enjoyed the game!

Glad you like the game! We're trying to improve our project and it's with feedbacks like yours that we can improve it! And thanks for the video, it seems that we are dreaming!

Thank for the video ! It's a big pleasure ! And glad you liked the game ;)

Thank you to have done this video ! And your feedbacks are important for our game's futur!

Thanks to you for the video ! That's mean a lot for a student game like our !

Thank you for your video and your feedbacks, that help us a lot to make our game better ! :)