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Thank you :)

Thank you! And a volume control is definitely a good idea :D

Thank you so much!

He was definitely inspired by some real-life experience :D

Oh no! The UI was definitely rushed. Thanks for pointing it out!

Thank you for your feedback and suggestion! If I continue to work on the game, I’ll definitely implement some indication of the impact of the different options.

Haha, thanks!

I love the theme of the game and Simon Snake-Eyes is a cool character! I’m not quite sure I understand what to do to win and how the Snake-Eyes mechanic works, so I keep losing…

Really amusing game and great use of the theme and wildcards! Maybe there could be a sort of in-world reason for the speed gain?

I definitely like the idea! I’d be interested in playing it if you decide to continue the project.

Really cool idea! I love that you have to keep the kid safe, makes it much more stressful.

Thank you for making this!