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Really short game but that does not bother me or anyone else I think. The graphics are okay,pixel game lovers like me apprechiate games like this one. The commentary is really great. You have done really amazig job on this game.

Be sure to play it people!

Sein community · Created a new topic Thoughts about Sein

So first of all,I apologize that I cannot donate,if I had money and if I knew how to donate or send money,i would surely do it. The game looks really but really well made. It is pretty hard to know where what is and what to do because there is no tutorial or video made on this game which is pity,I think someone should surely play this game (Markiplier,cryaotic or anyone else). The next hard thing in this game is keeping the fire of candle alive and also the fighting in  this game. Was really hoping this would be RPG horror game like "Ib" or "Mad father". So fighting RPG kinda dissapointed me (Too hard for me).

But everything looks so well made. The commentary/dialog,music and sounds,characters and artstyle of them,story,enviroments,simply everything. Even when I played only 20 minutes and died,but still. It is a good game,and some youtuber should play it for sure.

Wish you luck in everything you try to reach~