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ugh it keeps saying when i try to download that it cant ''read the build'' 

one of the best games ive played, cant wait for the full release <3

love it, super cut. couldnt figure out how to get ending 2 tho

the whole take your name from your email thing is shit, just got deadnamed by an undertale fangame

thank you for including the dyslexic font

this game is amazing

this is a really clever game, but im dumb 

got really personal and i related alot but i think i needed this, it helped. 1000/10 amazing game and im in love with the art. hope to see more games from you !! ^^

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holy fuck i love it

I love this game, It took me a sec to figure out what to do but after you understand the flow of it, it steal takes some time to get him innocnet but there is still a ton of info to find out

I love this game already i havent gotten very far though but i already hate sona

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I love this game, so much. Its insanely good and probably one of my fav rpgs now. You NEED to play this its ..... . ..  .. .Amazing. plus all the detail is everything i absoulutly love the asthetic of this game.