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It's an interesting read, and I like just how different it is from what you'd expect from a typical FVN project, short or not. The ending bits are foreshadowed well, even if you might not be expecting what exactly might unfold. It's certainly the kind of story that I think would work best in this kind of short format, although I do think the pacing could've been slower in some pivotal moments to allow the intended emotions to sink in. I personally didn't mind that the "relationship" developed quickly, because it wasn't much of a relationship, it read more like a casual hookup to me, and for that kind of thing, it felt about as developed as it needed to be.

But in the end, what matters the most to me is that it is a very bold kind of story to tell, especially in this niche, and I can appreciate that. Some edits here and there and general polish would resolve most of the issues I saw in the project.

Not for a while. Superfang will be the focus up until about 3/4 into his route. There might be occasional updates for Mnesis or Baron if I feel like taking a break.

Hey, thanks for the kind words. Super-Nova is definitely not abandoned, I was just going through a bit of a rough patch, but the next update is coming. I can't promise a steadier pace of updates in the future, since I can never really predict how busy I'll be at my dayjob at any given time, but I have hope that we'll be able to have an update every couple months this year. I would like to make substantial progress on Superfang's route in 2024. 

I loved reading this. Glad to see some theories on this topic. 

Won't confirm or deny anything, of course, but we'll be exploring the topic soon enough. Nicely done =)

It's in development

She can phase through matter and fly.

The Baron route will be completed in due time. Same with Mnesis's. Focusing on a single route at a time is better for me for a number of reasons, but whether or not a certain character is more popular than others wasn't a factor in this decision. 

We'll still see plenty of him in Fang's route. 

His route will likely also be the next to get the focus after Superfang's route reaches certain plot points about two thirds into the story.

No, there are currently only three routes in development, and it's very unlikely more will be added. 

The story doesn't emphasize the dating aspect anyway. 

(1 edit)

Just a mistake. Fixed now

We have an android build, in case reading on your phone is an option. :)

Hah, we'll learn a bit more about his personal life (and Vince and Frank's) as we get deeper into his route.

The project is currently wip. 

It's Greek for "memory"

If you redownload the file, the error should be fixed haha. Sorry

Just click "ignore" and the game should proceed normally.

She'll definitely get one at some point

Was the comment made before or after reading the route update? :)

Unfortunately it happens with Android builds from time to time. You will need to uninstall the game before trying to install the new version.

Then I hope you enjoyed the build and are looking forward to more <3

Wonderful taste


Not at the moment. We're focusing on story content right now.
There may be nsfw content in the future.

Thanks for reporting. The issue has already been noted and fixed.
Please make sure to report problems with patron content either directly on Patreon, or on our discord server. :)

She doesn't have one yet, but we'll get around to adding a sprite for her in the future.

That's odd. Try skipping from the start and make sure you're on the correct route 

We might post an official height chart soon. For now, I'll say that Nick isn't the shortest, no. That would be Mnesis. 

Not sure about the other cases. Here, it was simply that I didn't save my android.keystore online, which is (from what I gather) something like an electronic signature of mine. So the app doesn't know it needs to update

Today. Very soon.

He doesn't even need to wear the armor, the bracelet is enough!

It'll actually be suggested to him by a certain someone haha. Clever that you came up with it too, nice

Might not be the best place here, but I wouldn't mind answering any questions on twitter or discord

It was indeed meant to say "cart" haha. Hopefully nobody thought they have modern vehicles in this setting.
It's already been corrected in the upcoming version, but thank you for pointing it out.

There will be be sex, if it fits the story. There are plans for it, but don't take that as a promise: I'll include those scenes only if they still fit the narrative.

Indeed. It's because the asset was added in this update. If you scroll back or restart, it fixes itself.

Unfortunate side effect of starting from a save. Scroll back a bit until the beginning of the scene and it should be fixed.
If not, try skipping from the beginning. Sorry for the inconvenience!

Should be fixed now!

Something wonky with itch, I believe it should be fixed. Apologies!

Sorry, had to do a quick fix! The files are back now

Don't worry, I don't think your comments were offensive in any way. It's nice to have people who engage with the story like this. 

I don't know if you read before or after the update to build 1, but in the future, we will likely do more rewrites to add a little more lore on the world. And, of course, there will be more of it in future content.

Hey. Thank you for the feedback. While I understand you didn't enjoy the story, which is completely fine, I do have to disagree with certain points about fantasy settings.
There are plenty of fantasy stories that deviate significantly from the strict medieval copies of modern history. For an example, you can see the Wheel of Time, where most characters, peasant or no, can read. 

The simple truth is that the world of TToF is not the real world, nor does it have a history identical to the real world, and some things about it are going to differ. 

If that means you won't enjoy the story, again, that is completely fine. 

Build 3 will go public next Saturday