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This is a fantastic game. Id love to see the source code.

Yes, that I mean. I've never used Inkscape. But I like the functionality. Would love to see it in photoshop or affinity products. And of course I did not read the manual :D One should not have to read the manual to use such a software. Thanks for your response :)

I actually wanted to write a comment that the feature was missing, at that moment I found it. :D 

This is a great Editor. The feature to rotate a group of objects is a bit hidden though. I needed some tome to find it. Maybe it could be an extra Tool that would be selectable in the toolbar or it would be visible in a inspector like there is one for every individual tile, but then for a group.

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Thanks for looking at our game! We noticed that you experienced some graphical issues (like black floor and hedges) which obviously was not intended. We just pushed a quick hotfix. 

Did you find bugs or did you miss something? Do you have suggestions for more puzzles? We are grateful for your feedback ;)

Your Discord link expired, could you post a new one?