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Is there still a way to play on mobile?  It looks like a lot of fun

This game is great.  I streamed it on Twitch.  I just wish there was an actual ending after the boss battle.

People downvote everything here for some reason

This looks like so much fun.  I hope I can get a pc or there's an android version someday

This looks really cool!

This looks really fun, definitely want to try it!

I just started it but I'm enjoying the game.  I especially like that the dicks aren't absurdly large like in most gay visual novels.  Keep up the good work

You know about Mr Blobby right?  The original one?  This looks fun

Oooh I'm excited to try it

I absolutely love this game

This looks really funny.  I wish I could get it to run on my devices

Yeah I was just about to download this too :(

Super intrigued, hopefully I'll be able to get a PC soon and play

Is it only single player?

This looks hilarious.  I want to try when I have a PC


I love this game so much.  Does anyone else have trouble getting to the main screen though?  It always just loads right into the game and I can't figure out how to load a different one

Is there voice acting in the game?

Funny but is the middle in French for anyone else?

It seems like it just expects you to know what things mean without teaching them first 

My friend and I streamed this on Twitch, it's hilarious.  Thank you!!

This is great 👍

It's cute, I was just hoping it would be in English

This was a lot of fun.


Fun!  I can't wait until there's more :)

yep new browser did the trick, thanks

This looks so cute

I don't know what the problem is.  I couldn't fully install it before because I didn't have enough storage, but now when I click download it says Download failed.

ok thank you

it moves us all

This game is excellent.  You'll laugh, you'll cry, you'll get super hard, it has everything

I had the same issue on Android, "app not installed"

haha I'm fine, it was just unexpectedly touching 💜

I never expected this to make me cry a little.  It was so good

This was really good

Hey, is it gone from Google Play?

When I try to open the html it just says "It's all business as usual"