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I didn't quite understand the story....But I did had some fun exploring 

YouTuber :

Hey buddy nice to see you are proactive 

Well it looks like I won't be playing any horror games anytime soon.

you can find me here:

Oh ok thanks

Hey played your game liked it. Hope you guys make more level.

And to other guys that probably liked the video you can find me here :

Played the game but was not able to reach the goal.

This is probably the last episode of the demo. I can't wait until the full game comes out.

WOW YOU MADE THIS GAME OVER 4 YEARS! No wonder this demo was a masterpiece.

Liking the choices. It's getting interesting by the minuted.

I played the another part of this game. And reached the song at the end. I don't know if the song has a copyright claim so that's why I removed that part from the video. BUT MY GOD THE SONG WAS SOOOOO EPIC.

The last part of the demo

can't wait until the full game comes out

WOW! I FRIKING LOVE THIS. I love the art style. Also liking the story thus far. My God This game is F-ing BEAUTIFUL. I can't describe how beautiful it is.

This game is funky and funny. I love it to bit

Wow this game is just wow.

Nice game. Though I'm very bad at it

I just love this game. I also love the concept. This game was so immersive that I forgot to see that I was playing the game for 1 hour. Seriously just love this game.

This is a very well made and cute game. I really want to see more of it. If it's possible please I BEG YOU make more level.