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whats new on 0.6.2 update?

how can appear felicity on the shower.. I just find emma, but felicity is never there

Did you have the card of this girls to play on honey select?

hi.. Whats news in the 6.0?.. I upgrade from 5.3 today and just had 1 conversation with each girl and the story is over again.. I thought there would be more history

when is the next version available?

dont worry.. I almost finished the history when I download the V0.5.3.. But when I save in this version and saw the problem I want to back to V0.52.1 and this error happen when I want continue the game

No.. I just download the V0.5.3 and run the exe... But only happend with those girls

Hi.. I download that version like you said, and well, have some erros... like when I talk with Ashley in her room, the image or room behind her goes black and Ashley turns with a little pixels.. And when I talk with Felicity and Emma in her room, same thing ocurred, color room behind hers and felicity and emma dissapears a little.. Should I replace the images with the carpet V.0.52.1 or maybe wait for the V.06?

I have V0.52.1 Should I download  V0.5.3?

Hi.. the v0.52.1 is the last version you made?