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this was literally so easy to set up!!! I was trying to use another application to throw items at my avatar but it lost all tracking for my eyebrow movement [im very expressive so i kinda need that]. this completely fixes that issue! this is absolutely lovely thank you <3 

i played this game during my indie horror marathon stream and it did not disappoint! the ambiance was unsettling and eerie and I was scared the whole time. you did a great job! 

I never thought i would be afraid of a tree... 

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i thought it was pretty good. the scares got me almost every time.. and oh god that umbrella.. 

heres my fav  clip from the game-

i was absolutely terrified while playing this game... like the whole time it was so unsettling and the jumpscares were pretty on point. great game! 

i actually quite enjoyed this game! I played it on stream during my indie horror marathon and it definitely got me good! on numerous occasions, i got a good jumpscare.

heres a clip of one of my fav scares- 

ABSOLUTELY TERRIFYING! and i mean that in the best way possible. I streamed this game the other day playing some indie horror and i was quite surprised the ambiance and the scares were really good! I would love to play more like this. 

here's a clip of one of my fav scares-