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I know I just chalked it up as a necessary evil - I was making it for 800 x 600 but wasn't sure how to scale the UI properly (for screen size, or something else) Thanks for playing :) The music is in the credits on the page!

The monk looks too zen to notice tbh ahaha

That's impressive work for 24h! Kudos!

Really well executed game! The sounds are a little loud but I had a lot of fun trying to coordinate the jogger and the bag!

WASD doesn't work as I thought it would

Nice narrative, made my laugh in a few places! It would have been nice to have a option to turn the volume down. 

The music is awesome and the overall feel of the game is great, could do with a little bit of polishing, and I feel like the penguin could have extra powers compared to the flamingo like being able to transverse the water. 

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Very well done, nice puzzles! The artwork looked a little pixelated, not sure whether that was a part of the aesthetic 

125905, do you get more points for popping enemies when they are closer to the monk?  

Absolutely fantastic, blown away by the amount of polish and the overall ambiance of this game and made for a jam nonetheless! I really really appreciate the effort gone into the pixel art and the overall feel of the game with the music and the UI animations. Fantastic work!

The controls were a little sluggish  but the gameplay and levels were short and sweet! Well done!

Good for saying it's not finished yet! I was wondering, did you do the 16-dir sprite yourself? It's really good, and controls really well!

Really good detective game! I didn't finish it, but got to the Christmas tree room and I got stuck. Loved the glass slipper easter egg, very smart :P

Hey Rick! it was a lot of fun for me to make this game for you, I honestly had a blast so hugs all around! The night vision power is granted when you find the friend who is past the maze. I hope that helps and I hope you have a great time over the holidays. Looking forward to playing your entry, too! 

FANTASTIC GAME, really well executed. Could have done with adding some music

I got 13 hahaha, well made game! 

I scored 8775! Pretty nifty game!

Movement feels great, the shooting is awesome. The enemies killed sometimes doesn't register and I got stuck on a level because it said I hadn't killed all the enemies when I had

Good game concept, basically two games in one as well. There were some typos and you can win at the end if you just ignore the end game message and keep moving to the goal (the timer is pretty tight)

Good game, funny dialogue, wish it was a little longer (the menu music is really nice, reminds me of Justice Der)

Really loved the game! Some soothing music would have gone down well, the just in it made me laugh. Well done and happy holidays!

I couldn't jump so I couldn't progress any further

I couldn't start the course, but for one week's worth of work it's pretty awesome! 

This game was really fun, the concept was clever though could have been a bit easier to control. Love the music!

Good game, could have done with some music - if more than one slime is on a trap door only one of the slimes will die 

A bit difficult to time the jumps, nice entry! 

All you're missing now is the rock :P Great concept! The scissors flying through the air made me feel like a ninja! 

The game's music is really nice and I like the sound of the snow crunching, the platforming is a little difficult and the goats are a pain :P kudos on the art though, it looks nice! 

I scored 776! really well paced game and the pixel art + SFX are really cute! Kudos!

The game broke for me after the second level :/ would be nice to be able to move forward when not jumping. The graphics are good!

Good game, liked that there were power-ups, could have done with having some music :)

Miss Daisy was kind enough to give me an A! great rhythm game! the music track was a little off beat to the input imo 

Really great concept! I loved the idea of a Tetris platformer, would have been nice to have a variety of piece colours and maybe some music, too!

VWEEG  (Very well executed experimental game)!

Really well made! Loved the spin on Doodle God and very well executed! 

I knew this would be a problem so I added a "How to play" function in the menu but unfortunately I can't release it until the jam is over :/

The game has three main inputs, the mouse click, "M", and "A". The mouse click chooses a place to either move or attack, in the Move phase you confirm your move choice with "M" and then that advances the game to the Attack phase where you can pick an attack location and confirm that choice with "A". The execution phase then begins (no inputs there) and once that's done it's back to the move phase. 

You're completely right, there does need to be a tutorial - I've never made one before though so that'll be fun to program ahaha

Okey dokey :) thanks for the clarification!

but I can only see (and rate) 4 of them, am I missing something?

The build works now, and it's so much fun to play! The menu at the start also looks great!