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Merci pour ton commentaire Robin !! :D 

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Hi everyone !

This is my first game on Bitsy, and I usually handle sound and music management on my jams ! I'm in the process of implementing sounds and music in my game, but I'm struggling a lot, mostly because I' don't know a lot of html and I'm not a programmer...

I've been trying to use the script from David Mowatt that you can find here :

I was wondering if you could lend me a hand on various topics :

- I'm simply trying to put a music in a loop on the background. Using the syntax given on the script, it goes like this :
I was wondering if the syntax was correct ? The song name is indeed "LoopSong.mp3", and it is in the same folder as my index.html. When I play my game using this script, the music doesn't even launch, so I was wondering if I was doing this properly :( !

var hackOptions = {
// Put entries in this list for each audio file you want to use
 // the key will be the id needed to play it in dialog tags and the musicByRoom options below,
 // and the value will be the properties of the corresponding <audio> tag (e.g. src, loop, volume)
 // Note: you can add <audio> tags to the html manually if you prefer
 audio: {
 // Note: the entries below are examples that should be removed and replaced with your own audio files
 'LoopSong.mp3': {src: 'LoopSong.mp3', loop: true, volume : 0.5},
 // Put entries in this list for every room ID or name that will change the music
 // If the player moves between rooms with the same audio ID, the music keeps playing seamlessly.
 // Undefined rooms will keep playing whatever music they were last playing
 musicByRoom: {
 // Note: the entries below are examples that should be removed and replaced with your own room -> audio id mappings
 0: 'LoopSong.mp3",
 resume: false, // If true, songs will pause/resume on change; otherwise, they'll stop/play (doesn't affect sound effects)

- The script also gives an example of how to implement a sound effect that plays when a dialogue windows pops :

(soundeffectNow "<audio ID>")

 will play a sound without interrupting the music as soon as it is called in the dialogue. So is it correct if the syntax is :

(soundeffectNow "<Answer1.mp3>") 

and if I place the line right next to the dialog boxe in the script ?

like this : 

(soundeffectNow "<moon.mp3>")
La lune était avant si proche qu'on pouvait presque la toucher.
{a = a + 1}
{exit "10" 9 5}
NAME lune dialog</moon.mp3>

I've been trying to write this correctly but the sound is still isn't playing well :( ! when hosting the game to test it, I'm put it in a .zip that I host on my page, I don't know if this is the right way to do it tho !

Thanks you for your time and I hope anyone can help me on these topics ! 


Azy c'était beaucoup trop cool comme jeu :D beau boulot les gars ;)

Oui le début fait office de tutoriel, mais on a pas eu le temps de bien check tout ça... Jeu de jams quoi !

Merci beaucoup pour ton commentaire ! :)

Merci beaucoup ! On a du faire le level design à la fin malheureusement mais je suis content de voir que ça plaît à certains ^^ 

Merci beaucoup pour ton commentaire ! :)

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Exact! On aurait aimé rajouter quelques petits éléments mais on a finalement manqué de temps... Merci d'avoir joué à notre jeu ! :) 

Salut ! Disons qu'il y a une part de métamorphose dans l'évolution des tentacules à faire croître dans le bon sens, ça fait un peu évolution naturelle dis comme ça. Mais c'est pas l'idée qui saute aux yeux quand on pense au terme "métamorphose" en effet ^^. Merci pour ton commentaire et content que tu te sois amusé(e) :)

Merci pour ton commentaire :) !

Thanks for sharing these advices ! I'm considering starting a PhD and this has been an interesting game to play :D 


Ahhh la super ref j'avais oublié le projet de Conway :D  hâte de tester ça !

Hey ! I really liked your game and how you used the game mecanics to think about how dialog works. Might seem like a standard game about anxiety, but you pictured good how our thought can "get in our ways", and I think that's a really good thing about this game. Good job and thanks you for making it ! :) 

Toujours aussi relaxant ton jeu Théo :D