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I had so much fun playing it, I loved the irony and the references.

This is such a great game, I can't wait for part 2! 

[This is gonna contain some spoilers btw]

I love the pastel colors and the art style, it's so cute, also I felt so happy that I could choose they/them pronouns and the sexual/romantic preferences. I found the mc so relatable it's kinda sad, but Snow is my favorite character i love them so much I wanna hug them. Is that weird? Sorry, they're a smol bean I need to protect.

I was confused cause I got the male version of Joyce and here were I live (Brazil) Joyce is a "girl's name", but that's okay I got used to it, I still can't believe what happened to him at the end, I got so attached to him. 

Phoenix... I love her too ugh all the characters are awesome, I need to know who will the art competition! I'm so into this game I started playing it last night and here I am writing a comment about it.