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rose princess

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I'm not going to give up on this. There are VNs which take years to finish, and I believe it's going to be worth the wait. (*^ω^*)♡

This is extremely helpful! I wish we could zoom out more.

You can press "t" and it will change colors.

I've been looking forward to this game since the demo and it's been everything that I expected and so so much more. I downloaded this game last weekend, chose Sachiro's route and finished 2 endings in 1 night. I'm honestly left speechless; no amount of words will describe how much I love or enjoyed this game! Every character is sOo cutte and to die for!! [ Potential spoilers ] One thing I noticed was how the MC and Sachiro both described as though they were missing something in their life and wanted to try something new. I thought that that was cute and maybe could mean sth? Also at the scene where Sachiro tries a new drink and it's name happens to be the same as what her friends described her. Haha, am I looking into  it too much? And my fav scene so far is from achievement 25 - it really got to me haha! n_n

Ever since playing it that night I've been impatiently waiting for the next weekend to come so that I can try out the other routes (I don't allow myself to play on weekdays so that I don't binge when I need to work). I'm planning on trying Kurato's route next and honestly this is the best reward after a week of studying and work :'D thank you so so much and (a late) congrats on the release <3

Oh! And please consider making routes for the side characters, thx <3

Cute game, I like the meaning behind it, and we need more games like this  n_n <3

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I really enjoyed playing this RPG yesterday, thanks so much for making it <3

I made an account to leave a review n_n

Here’s my review (CONTAINS SPOILERS):


  • I liked how when, I clicked some stuff or people it was interactive, and taken into account. Like Mr. Grumpy in the beginning & mentioning him at the end. The shopkeeper’s joke, a reaction to seeing some stuff, getting kicked out of the cathedral etc.
  • There are times when I felt really creeped out! Like when the statue moved on it’s own, or when walking down the gallery, or at the maze etc. Or when I found Pepalia’s daughter OMG that was SCARY!!! 0.0
  • I also liked the graphics, it seems much effort was put into that, even for secondary characters, who only get to say one line, and even those who have no lines (at the graveyard).
  • There was a good balance between storytelling vs. battling. I don’t like games which have a lot of battles and lack in story. But in this game, it’s good! :D


  • There are a lot of spelling mistakes, and missing punctuation.
  • The ending seemed rushed, there was no explanation of what happened to Kassandra in the end.
  • I felt like there were a lot of loose threads, like I thought it would be something, but it turned not be. For example: what happened to Leon’s father? Why were the castle’s they were searching haunted? Why did she become hurt when walking at the end? She told Leon she’d call the guardians but the scene is cut so we don’t know what happened? And some things like, she picked her rope ladder saying she might need it but she didn't, and the lost puppy at the desert? I know there are times when you can add these things in games, but I thought it’d be better if it was explained.
  • Bug: Got stuck in King Neptune’s (King of Oceania) bedroom, when I  went to his bedroom again during the celebration.
  • About the powers: confused because some of the powers of talisman are obtained by another user, like Leon could call the winds and use flames and the fourth guardian as well? … And a little explanation of what TP is would help a noob like me :p and maybe see our opponent's health?