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Hi, I'm having a little problem while running this game, the above error keeps popping up when I try running the game, could you perhaps help me with this issue?

THIS GAME WAS SO WELL MADE AAA This game just holds a VERY special place in my heart, the art was chef's kiss, not to mention, the story and the voice acting was so beautiful. It truly made so sad and happy all at the same time!  I wish you all the very best for your future games!

This game looks great! How close is it to being completed btw?

This game looks great! Could you tell me whether its completed or not?

I'm sooo excited for this! I wish you all the best for this game! 

I really don't know the controls...

is it completed?

thanks for responding! awaiting for the game~ all the best!

I'm so excited to try this game UwU, just a question tho, does it have some sort of romance element in it? (Forgive me T-T)

I'm currently terrified The music is top notch and I gurantee that there are moments which will make your heart stop. For real. I just loved the ending tbh....where (spoilers, don't read it if you haven't played the game yet) you gt choices...whether to forgive or not forgive mother.....seriously this is such an amazing game ....T-T leave me here to cry

aaghhhhh! Can't believe it took me this long to finally write a comment on this. Believe me y'all.....THIS IS PARADISE!>-< I just love all routes here and how each character has his own characteristic. Well, the story is beautifully written and the art is just so kawaii UwU. I hope you continue to make such games! And btw, if you plan to start a new project soon (I'm so not up to date with my stuff) I could help you in proofreading and stuff:) have an amazing year ahead!

hey! It's been 3 months since I wrote a comment asking if the game was completed to which I was replied back that the game wasn't completed yet. How close are you to your imagined story? You see I just absolutely cannot bear cliffhangers:(. So I was wondering if you guys were actually done with all the routes of certain characters? And will the game be released in early 2021?:)

Thanks, would appreciate it if I'm replied back.

eh? where can i download free among us without emulators?

:( when will it be completed?

is it completed?

hmm...will it be released next year?

um....Is this game completed?