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Microsoft isn't clear on how much it charges you either. yikesssss.

I'd also like to mention that Azure is not free and that it's very expensive and if you don't know what you're doing, and most of us are just playing with it for a few hours, that's it, kinda dangerous that the dev doesn't tell us that/ because you have to get the cognitive program to get the key. BE WARNED !!!

Also flipping through the comments on this page, the dev has not really replied which is kinda concerning. :/

You want us to play your game but you can't help ?

Okay lol.

Please make a how to set up the voice stuff because i've tried everything and no luck.

People are downloading Azure with free trial and this stuff isn't working. Please actually put a how to video on how to generate the keys to get things working smooth.

What a headache.

 I did download this one, but I dunno. ^^' 

Again I am incredibly sorry. < 3 Don't mean to be of any trouble.

Sadly I cannot progress your game when I try to get pass the first part with putting the name MIU.

Hope the bugs can get fixed. love the look of the game < 3 ^^

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I absolutely love this game. 10/10 ^^ < 3 

Always making great games. Love the representation of the curvy women. :D

Way to go Zed

Ohhhh !!!

Thank you so so much ! ^^ < 3 

So sorry ^^'

I can't seem to get past this screen, anybody else ??

Do you think it would be available eventually for AMD ? I'd love to try this out !

oooooo, thank you so so much for releasing the OST  !!! < 3 

Been listening to it non stop ^-^

I absolutely love this game. I have said it many times now, but I truly love every little detail to it. The art style, the music, and the whole atmosphere. Delving into creepy, dark and unsettling places of the human mind. The writing is incredible on top of it as well ! a unique presentation ! It's absolutely breath taking. You can see how hard Garage Heathen put their love into making this. This is embedded to be one of my utmost favorites.

Who's Lila ? is a point and click puzzle adventure where you play as Will, a very complex character unable to show empathy and emotion. With the concept of facial manipulation to control and play to trigger different routes of the story.  Exploring and going deeper and deeper into the mind of Will, explore the many sides to our character. The lore will keep you engaged. You will have to play the game a few times to experience the story from multiple points to put together the story piece by piece. You may find yourself skipping parts of the story and then later on have it linked to another part of the story for things to start clicking and weave out and expand this web. It's very much it's own unique story filled with twists and different outcomes to progress the plot. You finish one story, you are given new unlocked items to progress the story further. There's so much content crammed into this game. With 15 different endings. You also find yourself pondering and questioning over and over again and just when you thought you had it solved, there's plenty more into the mind of Will. It's incredibly immersive and shows how the human mind can be incredibly manipulative and play with people's emotions. Seeing what humans are capable of while also being complex. It also does a great job with using different colour palettes to convey what is being presented in the atmosphere of what's about to happen.

You will find yourself endlessly playing this as it will have you playing at hours at a time. The game does a great job of you almost wanting to connect with the character that feels real. 

Every detail to this game has me in absolute awe. An intense trip and exploration. Delving into the deep thoughts how humans are just very complex.

I was also wanting to ask, if there is possibly a release of the OST of Who's Lila?

I LOVE the music. it's very melancholy and mean this in the best way.

Again, I have so much admiration for this title and am so happy I tried it out for myself as I have been encouraging others to try it out for themselves.

Thanks for creating this world and sharing it with us. <3 

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I absolutely fell in love with this game ! There is plenty of charm, humor, and hilarity. It's the perfect balance of jank horror and comedy. If you're looking for a game to amuse you and friends, this is the game for you. I will absolutely be 100% backing up for this game as it was so delightful. Thank you again for reaching out and letting my community and I have a blast with this game. We had so much fun ! Can't wait to see where else it takes off. It has a lot of potential. <3 :D 10/10

I absolutely loved this game !!! Was a lot of fun. Looking forward to seeing more ! :D

Absolutely ! It just did not look right.

Happy to have point it out !

I really hope there's something that can be done.

If there's anything that can be done to take it down, let me know.

Hey there DirigoGames, I was wondering if your game was put up as some unauthorized party selling someone your game.

I really loved your game and I saw it up there and something looks, off ?

Thought i'd let you know ! I don't like some big company ripping of indie devs.

I wasn't too sure.

Loved this game <3

Can you play this game without VR by any chance ?

For whatever reason, everytime I try to download your game, it doesn't wanna work. any fixes around that ??

Okay I absolutely loved this game. :D <3

Is this game also in English ???

Who hurt you ? Really.

Hey there ^-^

I was wondering how do you make the game stop spinning ? it keeps spinning both keyboard AND gamepad. Would love to play your game. <3