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root pilot

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Very nice. The only criticism I feel I can currently add is that I hate that there is a turning animation.

Some problems I had with the game:

-for a fast paced game where you die a lot the crates take way too long to open.

-I feel like drones and the foxes take too long to kill.

-sometimes drones come in groups which I feel is unfair for the beginning of the game.

-no downwards attack which I feel would be very useful.

-proc gen often spawns ledges that can make wall jumping more finicky.

-to add on the proc gen doesn't seem to emphasize fast paced movement with all the ledges. Maybe make more opportunities for continuous wall jumping.

-I feel like the game would benefit a lot by adding a dash option.

Good Things:

-You are on the right track in regards to melee combat. Its fun to smash an enemy with a baseball bat.

-graphics are pretty nice

Overall, this is a great base. Looking forward to the next demo.

- I like the controls. they feel pretty good.

- You keep introducing new mechanics which is great.

For the record I stopped playing a couple levels after you introduce the key card mechanic so not very long. I don't want to go all idea-guy on you but I think that the actual look of the levels should have more variety. For example a game like super meat boy has a variety of visual environments that I think add a lot to your game. Also, I know I didn't play to the end but I think it would be cool if Konrad eventually escapes the facility and you can add more open levels in an outside zone. Maybe visuals of scientists working on stuff in the background/areas in black to give more atmosphere.

I guess what I'm trying to say is that the game just needs more character and then it will be pretty good.