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Really interesting and unique controls! It's a fun challenge trying to guide the bug through the terrain. Nice work!

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All these silly little skrunklies I can conjure up are absolutely adorable to look at! So much kudos to you for adding features like letting the scrimbos walk and run. Obviously a lot of care was put into making this!! Just an absolute delight of a character customization game all around :]

AC (blue) and Nickel (yellow). No thoughts behind their eyes <3

Honestly the sheer impression this game left on me was astounding. Absolutely incredible how you managed to invoke so much in just three minutes. A full-fledged experience well worth anyone's time.

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A cute little platformer - a game that rewards you for being inquisitive as you traverse your way throughout the map, trying to find all 55 collectibles!

Love the fact that you tie in one of your other games in this game as well!

That typing part? I felt chills. A game that does its job excellently despite its simplicity!

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I learned more words by playing this game than spending a day at school LOL. In all seriousness though, the foreboding atmosphere the gameplay gives off is just so powerful. A really neat game with a lot of juicy lore.

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I don't know why the comments are saying it's "too hard" and "impossible", isn't the path the same even after you die? At least, for me it was.

All in all, in my opinion it's a fairly average game. Could use some polishing to make it look a little more refined.

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Short and sweet. A neat game with zombies, quid and cats.

Both an aesthetically and functionally gorgeous game. It's challenging, but it's not too punishing. The music that plays when you finally grow your flower just really adds to that feeling of accomplishment.

A lovely game. I don't have anything else to say besides what's already been said in the comments. It's well worth anyone's time.

I adore everything about this game. The music, the adorable background, the many customization options available - I think this is a really good step towards bigger, major projects! Can't wait to see what you can come up with next!

what a specimen

guys any tips or tricks in order to defeat the enemy boss WallElement.GetComponent.(RenderMesh9) would be greatly appreciated

Are you ready to say goodbye?

> Maybe never


don't you hate it when your factual friends are scattered all over the lands?

i love this so m u c h thank you this is probably the best game i've ever played you madlad

you've invoked feelings in me that don't exist

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i wonder what ":0" tastes like

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s  t   o  c  k    p   h   o   t   o

i love this wacky wreck of a game


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Amazing game that makes you wonder why you are doing this. The game makes you almost feel sorry for the people as they desperately try to fight you off, some even not wanting to die. 

(god i love the "killers" one)

Wow. This was unsettling. The poor boy is trapped in his own little abyss, oblivious to his backstory (which, I infer is pretty dark), and quietly going insane. Great job, I look forward to more of your projects in the future.

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I feel like this is connected to another game somehow.

I liked this game. It was sadistic and meta and it was very good at making the other shoe drop. I think I got both endings, so thank you for making this.

way meta. and ANIMAL CROSSING !

This looks so amazing! When it does come out as a full game, you bet I'll speed over here and play!

I can´t believe there are no comments for this really good story. I might be really late, but I loved the writing and all of the endings, even the somewhat darker ones. 

It´s touching and deep

you are a skeleton

This game is astoundingly hilarious! I really like this game, and somehow managed to get all of the endings! I think out of all of the endings, the last one was my favorite :) Great job!

jeez, this game is powerful. it´s so simple, and yet it can make you cry waterfalls... I´ll be going back to this game when my own dog leaves me.

got spooped out of my skin 10/10

I honestly really like this little game! It's a bit sad, but the point-and-click puzzles and the art takes your mind off of the sadness. The music is nice and calm, and the cats are a 10/10!

This was really good. I liked this. I was really moved.

Wow...this calm and yet so deep. I'm at a loss for words...thank you.

I really like this game! The music is fine, and everything looks charming. It's a great puzzle! And there's a goose, which makes any game better. Honk

This game is beautiful. There's just something about it that speaks to you. The words that talk to you that are spread throughout the game...everything just flows. Outstanding work.