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At no point did I say the Hiatus was over, I simply said what the plans were when the Hiatus ended, and that I'd like to develop a Build backlog.

Edit: And just to clarify, as of yet, Patrons haven't received a new build either.

Hi Moon, sorry to hear about Patreon not working for you. That said any other means of support is appreciated, be that leaving money on itch, or non-financial means such as sharing with others and leaving positive reviews for others to see.

I'm glad to hear you've enjoyed Psychic Connections, and I hope we can get future updates out soon so that your positive experiences can continue.

When there's an update, I will share an update. :)

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Well aware. All I can do is keep reporting and banning them as they come up.

Edit: Looking at the accounts in question, it also seems these accounts are spamming a lot of games on itch right now, this tends to happen in waves on itch, so hopefully it'll die down in awhile.

Sorry to hear you're disappointed, though I promise the amount of time patrons will have the build before the public won't be terribly long. They simply get it first as part of our patreon promises. 

The build backlog I mentioned won't be released to patreon either, but rather exist as insurance in case something prevents us from keeping pace with our release schedule. The hope is having that backlog will reduce any extended breaks going forward.

Well if they read the top of the page, they'll find we do have an intention on when to start releasing again... and there may be more active news updates as that time approaches. :3

Nope didn't give up, we're just getting things amped as we approach the end of the summer.

Hiya Blood. Things are moving at a slow but steady pace. We've finished a lot of the features we'd planned for when we start releasing again and we're currently shooting for August to start pushing for releases. Thanks for checking in though. <3

Don't worry it's not, we are still hard at work. We just hit a snag along with IRL elements delaying progress, but we are still very actively working on this.

To be determined. Essentially we don't have a specified date when the hiatus is over.

Unfortunately, the game is currently on the Hiatus with a TBD return from hiatus. But once we know for sure when we can get crack-a-lackin, we'll be sure to push out a devlog letting everybody know.

Not at the moment, but we do have plans for making the soundtrack more accessible in the future. :3

There isn't an update on the duration that is public, but I can say I have a mental date of when I'm trying to push out updates again. (Though I'm not releasing it at this time because I don't want to promise a date we can't meet.)

That said. If we hit the 1yr mark of when we entered Hiatus in August, I will be quite disappointed.

Interesting, have you tried navigating to the downloaded file from outside of Chrome? Whenever I try to load APKs on my Samsung Galaxy Note it asks if I'd like to load it with the Package Installer. (My phone also tells me I can't install apps from unknown sources so I have to enable that as well in the settings.)

Howdy friend, I'm afraid I'll likely need more details though we have admittedly had some instances of compatibility issues where the mobile build simply didn't work.

What model and OS is your phone? Do you get any sort of error when attempting to open the app, have you tried other games made in the ren'py engine that provide mobile builds to be more certain this is a game specific issue and not a general engine incompatibility?

If you mean simultaneously, then the answer is no, but the intention is for individual route content for Aiden, Elliot, Jude, and Quinn.

Not an actual scene yet. :3 (It'll make more sense when the next build comes out when our unfortunate hiatus ends.)

They are but they are minorly obfuscated and we intend to do one better once the hiatus ends to avoid leaks as they're intended to be patreon content until the game is finished.

There is a discord but it's exclusive to our patrons so as to keep it more manageable for us. (Didn't want a server that was too popping and hard to manage.)

It's still recovering, but he's starting to feel better. :3

Hmm, can I ask what model of LG phone? Additionally, have you been able to download previous builds and gotten it to work? (Or is this your first time downloading?) If it's an older phone it's certainly possible your device's specs just aren't compatible.

Hi, what kind of phone are you downloading onto? I know sometimes when the game starts there's a weird zoomed in splash screen that takes a moment to load the full game. (Tbh not sure how to fix that but usually waiting a few seconds does the trick, hopefully that gets squashed in a future update.)
Without screenshots or more details though I'm not too sure how to help other than suggesting you try redownloading.

Haha, I thought maybe. I was very confused how you were accessing a feature we hadn't implemented yet.

I'm a bit perplexed how you got this error... predominantly because we don't have any sort of gallery implemented yet.

Hihi yes, everything is fine, our programmer had a surgery. We'll actually be making a more official post tomorrow because we've been a little too quiet on the subject.

Interesting. It could be a device incompatibility. (Not sure how old your phone might be.) Additionally, I know some people for whatever reason load games on itch via Joiplay, and other 3rd party apps for their ren'py games which might cause some other incompatibility issues.

I just downloaded 6.2 from the page just now onto my own mobile device with no issues, only about a couple second delay as it loads the game in before showing the title screen. My best recommendation would be to either re-download or try switching to the PC build.

What platform are you playing this on? Any computer specs details could help.

You'll just have to commit to this, and dance like your life depends on it.

All according to plan. =w= (Not really we're currently waiting on Editors and Programming and the wait might killllll me.)

There is, but it's patreon exclusive. :x

I figured working an 8 hour job and working on this, I wouldn't have the energy to run a server if it was public. (Which I suspect a public server would've been even bigger than the one we have.)

The passwords unlock additional game modes such as shirtless mode in which you play the game and everyone is as you can guess, shirtless. Access to passwords is exclusive to patrons at this time.

We just made a patreon post about how we're extending our due date to the end of each month. (This is mostly due to us losing days and trying not to cram.) I've not yet expanded upon this publicly as I intended to talk about our new schedule when we released the next build.

So it'll be out within the next few days, I just ask for additional patience.

1. Yes it is! I wasn't really prepared to juggle managing a Discord alongside writing and I knew it would be much larger if it was public.

2. That is indeed the intention, but you never know, I might eventually get ahead on content and push more than one update each month. (This feels unlikely, but I'm an optimist.)

We're roughly a week away actually. :D

Well, I'm sad you didn't enjoy it, but I do appreciate the feedback. It's intended to be forceful, but I understand if it's too off-putting for some people.

I might expand on the denial ending more in the future, but it would require more planning than I've currently put into it due to the scope of the story and not being part of the club isn't really part of the plan of the plot I've devised.

If you follow me on itch, you should be notified when new updates come out, and then you just download it off itch. :D

You should be able to just download it and the saves SHOULD automatically get sensed and ported over to the new version.

Just keep in mind there are occasionally compatibility issues between versions in which your save might no longer be compatible with the newest version.

We're working on something nice to mitigate this issue in the near future though, since we know it can be a pain to have to play through everything again just to get to where you were before.

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Like... you're downloading the build off of itch and it downloads 0.4? Not sure how that would be possible since we've removed the older versions from our page.

She's doing okay, the situation still isn't great, but we're doing what we can. :'D

Unfortunately... we've come up with nothing. As we continue updating with the ren'py engine... we're sortof stuck hoping the issue resolves itself. (Probably not what you want to hear... but at this point it's the best idea we've got.) T.T