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this doesn't happen on mac on the downloadable version, so its nothing serious

also i forgot to mention this but when u get in the zone it feels transcendental (emphasis on the trans <3)

I loved this so much, the accessability options are amazing, i've wishlisted this game and im defo buying it as soon as its out. i did notice one bug though, when im replaying the levels there is an issue with the audio (until you die once). its hard to describe, but it seems like its playing the jump and attack noises a beat before you would press them in the game, even before you press the button. this was on firefox on a mac, if that helps

level three was the last one for me, afterwards i got a 'thank u for playing' but thank was mispelt

really good (im stuck on level 6 atm), altho the moving of the background made me a bit nauseous, it might be nice if theres a way to turn it off!

is it intentional that clicking on the plant makes the screen switch take like, 5 seconds?

i was playing the plants game for about five minutes before i realised the gimmick lol, it made me laugh

i love the art style and the sheer wildness of this game, although i had a doctor, a medkit, and one health, but the medkit didn't heal me to full like the doctor said it would!

because of the name of this game, i keep thinking about the acclaimed Martin Scorsese movie Goncherov (1973), and the famous bit where goncherov gets gunched

the last level made me cry, its such a perfect touch and such a good piece of game design

i loved the characters, the dialogue felt realistic and interesting, and the art style is really really cool. I was kinda expecting  some kind of gameplay tho lol.

this game is so cute and wonderful!! i love the art style, and the main mechanic is v satisfying. I did run into one bug, where if i double clicked on the next land piece it would place it on the side of the screen.

overall such a fun game tho!!!!