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Mmmm hahaha

Love the demo! Great job, I'll definitely play the full version 

Interesting game, really creepy! 

Crazy game!  Had a hard time finding my way at times.  Cheers!

I was a big Locked Up fan and was really eager to try this new one!  I'll definitely get the full version when it releases. Cheers! 

Cool game!

Short and sweet 

Interesting game/story.  Really liked it, cheers!

Another cool one, cheers! 

The scares got me good haha, cheers! 

Hard on the ears (wearing headphones) at times but overall a cool game.  Cheers!

Cool little game, loved the atmosphere.  Cheers! 

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I love the voice acting in the game and I especially liked the ending hehe.  Cool game, like others have mentioned it's really impressive that you came up with it under 10 days. Cheers! 

Haha nice

Really enjoyed it.  I was a big big fan of Trapped.  Good job one and I look forward to playing your next project! Cheers! 

Really enjoyed the game!  

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Can't play your game as bitdefender moves the .exe file to quarantine (infected file).  Do you haVe any idea why this happens? 

- Exploit detection

I liked it, a little short but the story somewhat made sense and was interesting.  Cheers!

What a wierd lilttle game!  I enjoyed it :)

Had a few good jumpscares x) 

Cool little game!  Will definitely play the full version when it releases. 

Really cool game!  

Cool little game!  

Interesting game, I like the fast-paced playstyle I think it adds to the urgency to find and turn the lights back on. 

Cool game! 

Awesome game!  Really really enjoyed it. I'll definitely play your next one.  Cheers! 

Short and sweet.  Cheers! 

Another cool game :) Cheers! 

This game is awesome!  Will definitely buy the full version when it releases!  Only have good things to say about it.  Humor is great, graphics are great, everything rocks. Cheers! 

Loved the game! Cheers! 

Cool game, finding the items wasn't easy tho  , Cheers!

Really loved the game!  you got me hooked x) Great story

Cool first game! 

I really enjoyed your game!  Love the fast-paced gameplay.  I found it hard at times to move the explosives from the wall but other than that everything was great and the game ran smoothly.  I'll definitely get the full version on release! Cheers,  

Was quite short but I enjoyed it:) pretty creepy 

Really dark, love it! 

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Crazy game! Really well done and I love the blink mechanic.  I sometimes had the feeling I saw something right before blinking and then it was gone... real spooky.   For a free game that's a 10/10 for me.  I would've paid for that.  One of the hidden gems here.  Cheers!